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Ann Coulter Rankled That Obama Singled Out Limbaugh, Not Her

Reported by Ellen - March 6, 2009 -

Two-Time Voter Fraud Suspect Ann Coulter could not get enough attention during her appearance on last night's (3/5/09) Hannity. Between interrupting Sean Hannity while he was focused on other people, instead of her, spewing extra-poisonous barbs about liberals and George Soros and her ever-present fascination with her hair, Coulter made it clear that her only goal in that segment was to attain the same "stature" as Rush Limbaugh. Meanwhile, the FOX News meme of complaining that Democrats were using Limbaugh as a diversion from policy once again served to allow FOX News to do just that. With video.

Hannity opened the discussion by complaining that the “phony controversy” about the so-called feud between Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele had been manufactured by Democrats to make sure “we don't talk about universal health care, a declining stock market, the decline of our home prices, and the loss of our retirement.”

“Right,” Coulter said. (Was it just me or did Ms. "Boombox" seem overly keyed up during this interview?)

Funny, but both Coulter and Hannity spent way more time bashing Democrats and talking about themselves than discussing those topics they were accusing the Democrats of avoiding. By the way, President Obama held a health care reform forum today which was live-blogged on the White House website (with lots of links to more information). That hardly looks like a way to keep the public from talking about substantive issues.

Coulter, on the other hand, wasted no time changing the subject to herself. “I think the important point here is, Sean, that I'm a little bitter. What does a girl have to do to get some love from the President? Obama used to attack you and me. I've got a book out. He's attacking Rush? What do I need?”

“Let's get on a serious side of this, here,” Hannity began. But instead of discussing the issues he claimed Democrats were avoiding, he merely went on to berate Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs for attacking CNBC's Obama-critics Rick Santelli and Jim Cramer, as well as Rush Limbaugh and, of course, Hannity, himself.

“And do any of you have a book out?” Coulter asked with exaggerated impatience, theatrically bringing the subject back to her.

Hannity forgot he wanted to talk about policy. “Is this an enemies list?” he asked.

Coulter flicked her hair. “Oh, yeah, but they always have enemies lists.” She then launched into a feverish, head-tossing recitation of attacks against Democrats, including an accusation that Dan Rather had “attacked(ed) the war service of a sitting president in war time (meaning Bush),” which, I suppose, is a far cry from attacking the actual, decorated war service of a candidate (John Kerry).

“They want to outlaw dissent, Sean... They actually do want to outlaw an opposing point of view. We just wondered why they were rooting for the terrorists,” Coulter announced, without bothering to offer any proof or even explaining who or what, exactly, she meant. Hannity, of course, never asked nor did he utter the slightest bit of disapproval for such an unsupported and malicious comment.

So Hannity got to the “issues” but – surprise! It was only in context of attacking Democrats further. “To bring these guys (from the Clinton administration) back, and to have a strategy, while the economy's going down, the way it is, and everybody's worried about their money, and to – their plan is to say, 'Alright, we don't have Bush to hate. We don't have Cheney to hate. So now we've got to find somebody that we can focus our hatred on.' Why? So the country will be distracted? Is that the tactic?”

Coulter opined that the strategy wasn't working. After some more adrenalized “analysis,” (and further hair stroking), Coulter offered up this little gem: “The head of (the Democratic) Party is George Soros. So he's the equivalent of Rush Limbaugh except Rush didn't collaborate with the Nazis – as described in the last chapter of my book out now (and then she named it).”

Then, as Hannity joked that she might have gotten to the point where Obama would attack her, Coulter squealed, “I know! What do I need to do?” She tossed her hair again.

This is at least the fourth appearance by Coulter on FOX since the latest voter fraud investigation was started, this time by the State of Connecticut. I have yet to see “we report, you decide” FOX reveal to their audience this information, despite their ongoing obsession with voter fraud on the part of Democrats.