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Coulter And Beck Smear Steele

Reported by Ellen - March 3, 2009 -

Over the weekend, RNC chairman Michael Steele tried to distance the Republican Party from Rush Limbaugh, calling his comments “incendiary” and “ugly” only to get slapped down by conservatives, including Limbaugh. As Think Progress noted, Steele quickly ate his words. Yesterday (3/2/09), Steele said, “It was one of those things where I thinking I was saying one thing, and it came out differently. What I was trying to say was a lot of people … want to make Rush the scapegoat, the bogeyman, and he’s not.” If Steele had already issued his “clarification” by the time Beck and Coulter got to the set, they either didn't know or didn't care. In an entertaining session of “Republicans Eat Their Own,” the two attacked Steele as an unprincipled (Beck) spouter of “stupid, left-wing stereotypes” (Coulter). With video.

Beck began the segment by saying, “Michael Steele is “picking on Rush Limbaugh, calling him an entertainer whose show is quote incendiary and ugly. Really.”

Two-time voter-fraud suspect Ann Coulter was given the favorable introduction as “syndicated columnist and best-selling author." The intro ended with a plug for her latest screed book.

“Is this what we can expect from the Republican Party?” Beck asked. He added that they were acting like alcoholics who have not yet hit bottom.

“Boombox” Coulter, who looked as though she had been doing a lot of partying lately, giggled uproariously.

“Why should we trust them?” Beck asked, as Coulter continued to giggle.

“I am very disappointed and not because you can't criticize Rush Limbaugh,” Coulter began. “You can disagree with Rush Limbaugh... But that is buying into stupid, left-wing stereotypes. That's like Scott McClellan coming up with all the stereotypes about Bush. That's just a suck up to the liberal media. And I didn't expect it from Michael Steele.”

She immediately made sure to note that she had supported Ken Blackwell as RNC chairman but that she was “really disappointed” in Steele because he'd been “so funny and charming.”

And I'm sure some of your best friends are black, eh, Boomie?

Coulter re-iterated, “That's just recycling a left-wing talking point.”

Beck, defending Limbaugh, admonished Steele. “Stand up for some values! ...If you go down and everybody hates your guts, oh well! Stand up for what you believe in!”

Apparently, neither of them considered that maybe he had.

Meanwhile, Beck, who had joined the FOX News chorus against voter fraud last fall, did not stand up for that issue while it was sitting in front of him.