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Rick Santorum Against Earmarks Before He's For Them

Reported by Ellen - February 27, 2009 -

Former Senator Rick Santorum spoke in circles on last night's (2/26/09) Hannity as he tried to malign Barack Obama over earmarks in the budget. First, Santorum called the earmarks a payback to Democratic supporters. Then, when confronted by Juan Williams about all the earmarks passed by Republicans when they were in control of Congress, Santorum offered the laughable excuse that George W. Bush never campaigned against earmarks. Then, when Williams asked why earmarks were suddenly bad when Democrats have them but OK for Republicans, Santorum said earmarks are not necessarily bad, that he was proud of all the earmarks he put in bills. “In fact, I'll defend earmarks,” Santorum added. And if that wasn't surreal enough, Williams then lauded Santorum for his honesty. With video.

During the Great American Panel segment, Hannity raised the subject of earmarks in Obama's budget. Santorum said, “This was a laundry list in the stimulus package. And you'll see this not just in this bill. You'll see it throughout. (Democrats) will pay off the folks that support them... This is one special interest after another. Either they're gonna be paid off in money, or they'll be paid off in policy. That's how the Democrats have cobbled together their coalition to win... They're going to reach and over-reach, in my opinion, to try to help organizations that have helped them.”

It was Hannity, of all people, who noted that Republicans were responsible for 40% of the earmarks in the bill and, therefore, were as guilty as Democrats.

Kimberly Guilfoyle (mugging for the camera as always) took it a step further by accusing President Obama of “trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people” by hiding the so-called pork.

Williams jumped in. “Wait a second. How's it pulling the wool over anybody's eyes? We all know it's there.”

Guilfoyle could not answer. “It shouldn't be there,” she said.

“That's another point,” Williams replied. He went on to say that Obama's priority right now is to get the stimulus package passed. “So he's not gonna take on his pals on Capitol Hill on this issue,” Williams said. “But he says, next time, he's gonna get rid of these.”

Santorum butted in to say that Obama is only “the front guy.” He claimed that those actually “leading the policy charge in Washington” (Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, David Obey) had told Obama, “You stay out of our earmarks.”

Williams interrupted. “Remember, Republicans dominated Washington, Capitol Hill and the White House for most of this decade. Why didn't they do away with earmarks?”

“They should have,” Santorum said. Then he offered this laughable defense. “George Bush never campaigned on getting rid of earmarks. Barack Obama did.”

Guilfoyle jumped in. “He did!”

Williams said, “It seems to me if you're saying earmarks are wrong... why is it now bad for the Democrats when it's been good for the Republicans all along?”

Suddenly, Santorum changed his tune. “I'm not saying necessarily earmarks are bad. I have had a lot of earmarks. In fact, I'm very proud of all the earmarks I've put in bills. In fact, I'll defend earmarks.”

Then, inexplicably, Williams said “Hats off to Rick Santorum for being an honest man. He's not playing any games here.”