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Bill O'Reilly, The Guy Who Hates Haters, Relishes Smears Of Pelosi

Reported by Ellen - February 26, 2009 -

How many times have we heard Bill O'Reilly attack the "far left haters?" as "Character assassins and worse? Anybody remember his demand that the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater rescind its invitation to Professor Ward Churchill because of his "divisive," "over the top," "hate speech?" Apparently, what's hate speech depends mightily on who's doing the hating. Last night (2/25/09), when Dennis Miller referred to Nancy Pelosi as a somnambulant "Hack in the box" who jumped up during Obama's speech at the sound of money "like a seal at Sea World," O'Reilly laughed heartily and said, "I like that image." With video.

"I was impressed," O'Reilly said sarcastically to Miller, "at Nancy Pelosi's aerobic power last night (during President Obama's address to Congress). I mean, the woman made Richard Simmons look comatose." O'Reilly went on to complain about Pelosi standing and clapping energetically when Obama said that Congress has the responsibility to ensure that it does not pass along a debt to our children that they can't pay. "She jumps up and she's the one that's running up the debt," O'Reilly said. "She's the one that's blowing everything out of the park fiscally."

OK, snide and a bit mean-spirited but not really hateful.

But Miller was. He said, "I just want to tell all the parents out there who are looking to pre-order that toy for Christmas, it's called the Hack in the Box, ok? The Hack in the Box. You know, when she was sitting down, I thought she was a little somnambulant. I thought somebody had pumped a sedato-dart into her haunch, because if that look had gotten any more vacant, I would have thought she had been foreclosed on. But you can see when there's money involved, she's up like a seal at Sea World, God bless her."

Instead of disapproval, O'Reilly cracked up and said, "I like that image."

H/T Media Matters for the video.