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After comparing Obama To Castro And Kim Jong Il, Hannity Complains About Rev. Wright Being Too Divisive

Reported by Ellen - February 20, 2009 -

Sean Hannity's hypocrisy was extra blatant last night (2/19/09) as first he compared President Barack Obama to Kim Jong Il of North Korea and Che Guevara, complained that a Barnes & Noble with a video display of Obama in its window was like something you'd see in Cuba or North Korea and then, minutes later, had the nerve to attack Barack Obama for “sitting in a church for 20 years” while Jeremiah Wright was too critical of America. With video.

At the end of his liberal smear session a/k/a “liberal translation” segment that he does every night, Hannity said, “We know how they do it in Castro's Cuba, in Kim Jong Il's North Korea, plastering images of the dear leader on the side of buildings and celebrating him in the streets.”

Hannity showed a giant mural of Che Guevara and some kind of display of Il as a banner on the screen read, “communist countries around the world celebrate their leaders.”

Hannity continued, “Well, in America, a Barnes & Noble store on Manhattan's upper west side celebrates our beloved leader in a store front window with this display, complete with a video monitor that plays a loop of President Obama in action, meeting the people and doing good deeds.”

Oh, my God, a Barnes & Noble is celebrating our new president! It must be the end of America as we know it!

“Great American” Hannity ended by saying, “Welcome to the very creepy socialist Twilight Zone.”

That was bad enough. But a few minutes later, during the “Great American Panel” segment, Hannity began attacking Rev. Jeremiah Wright (and by extension, of course, Barack Obama) for being too critical of America and divisive.

Counting off on his fingers with bullyboy melodrama, Hannity asked guest Tony Danza who was asking Hannity to stop disagreeing disagreeably, “After 9/11, when Americans – white, black, Hispanic, Asian – wait a minute, were slaughtered in this city... to say 'America's chickens, America, that beat back Nazism and fascism... Would you sit in a church after 9/11, when America comes together, after the worst attack in history, and your preacher says 'America's chickens comin' home to roost.' Would you stay in that church?”

So it's OK for “patriotic” Hannity to liken our new president to a communist dictator in the middle of a financial crisis but we should hate our president because he sat in the pew of someone who was critical of America (but did not engage in the same kind of character assassination that Hannity was using) after 9/11.

Props to Tony Danza for confronting Hannity on the kind of divisive tactics he routinely uses while posturing as more patriotic than thou.