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What's Not on Fox News (2): Producer Arrested for Child Porn

Reported by Alex - February 11, 2009 -

TV Newser reported on Tuesday that Fox "News" producer Aaron Bruns has been arrested on charges of possession of child pornography and was due to appear in court that day. Bruns was embedded with the Hillary Clinton campaign and has been employed by Fox since 2001.
Correction and update: The original TVNewser post appeared on Tuesday and stated that Bruns was due to appear in court that day, and not today as I had previously stated. According to an AP report Bruns appeared in the U.S. District Court in Washington, with another appearance scheduled for Thursday at which time the judge will decide whether to continue to hold him in jail. The same report says that Fox News is aware of the arrest and that Bruns was suspended Tuesday without pay.

According to Fishbowl DC ,Fox News only began background checks on its staff in 2003. Must suck to be HR at Fox right now, as the same source provides this link to a 1999 article about Bruns' arrest on charges of distributing child pornography whle he was in college. According to detectives, Bruns had thousands of pornographic images stored on his pc, including many explicitly sexual photos of children, which he was trading via internet chat rooms. According to an AP story quoted at Raw Story, Bruns was sentenced to three years'probation, with the promise that the conviction would be expunged from the record under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act if he complied with the conditions of probation. (H/T to commenter "backroads" for the link).

This latest charge concerns kiddie porn videos and images found on Bruns' laptop in his Washington home after a Pennsylvania state police investigation turned up evidence that Bruns was distributing the porn via a peer-to-peer network and tipped off the FBI. The Smoking Gun has the full story and the affidavit. (Warning: the affidavit contains extremely disturbing descriptions of some of the files found on Bruns' laptop.)

What is interesting is who isn't reporting the story. When I did a search at 10:30AM EST, I found zip at FoxNews.com, zero on Drudge Report and nada at Johhny "Your source for the truth about Fox News...and the latest cable news links" Dollar's Place, which had been updated at 10:15 AM. Oh, and commenting at the latter site is suspended. Just sayin'.

Update: A third check at 5:50 PM and neither Drudge nor Fox are reporting the story.