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Bill O’Reilly Freaks Out About Octuplets, Alleges Child Abuse, And Says He’s “Not Living In America, Anymore”

Reported by Priscilla - February 6, 2009 -

Bill O’Reilly, America’s Daddy, who does not have ANY professional expertise in child welfare issues, considers himself quite the child advocate. He is such an advocate that, to this day, he remains unapologetic about saying that kidnapped Shawn Hornbeck “liked” his captivity. This bit of “advocacy” might have lost him a gig as guest speaker for a conference given by the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He is such an expert on child development that he cited studies by the Christian right wing Family Research Council (headed by former David Duke pal, Tony Perkins) to show that children of single sex couples aren’t as “equipped” to raise children as heterosexual parents despite findings by the reality based child development community that says otherwise. Bill also feels those who don’t agree with his expertise should be harassed until they conform to what big Daddy wants. He smeared Vermont, on his radio and tv shows, because of what he considered their malfeasance in not passing child abuse legislation to his liking and sent his stalker, Jesse T Watters, to harass legislators about this. O’Reilly also smeared and had Watters stalk a Vermont judge who didn’t rule the way O’Reilly wanted. But on Tuesday’s (February 3rd) Factor, he totally freaked out about the recent California Octuplets and smeared the California Director of Social Services whom he will now be harassing on a daily basis. Now that this man has been deemed anathema, one hopes that he won’t get death threats from O’Reilly’s “traditionalist” audience. But what was even uglier about the tantrum was that Bill was implying that only certain women, who pass Bill's litmus test, should have children. Eugenics anyone!

Video here: http://www.foxnews.com/video-search/m/21828208/unfit_mother.htm

O’Reilly immediately launched into a tirade about the living arrangements of the woman who recently gave birth to the octuplets, noting (natch) that there was “no dad.” He said that “The Factor” “contacted the California Director of Social Services whose refusal to return Bill’s calls was “grossly irresponsible.” (Right, Bill, when “The Factor” calls, everyone should just drop what they’re doing because you’re sooo important). Bill, in introducing two California attorneys, claimed that because this woman has a meager living situation, the situation constitutes child abuse. He said that the situation is “totally out of control and never should have happened.” Attorney Anita Kay agreed that the fertility clinic should be investigated. She said that just having children doesn’t constitute child abuse; but that a call could be made to social services so that a caseworker can investigate the situation. Bill said that “this situation is so outrageous and the state knows the danger the children are in. The state is doing jack, nothing, the state doesn’t care at this point…right now it’s yeah, so what.” Attorney Courtney Pilchman said she didn’t think it was child abuse and there “is nothing to indicate that this mother is substandard…” She continued to make the case that there is nothing to indicate abuse until Bill, his voice, dripping with sarcasm, interrupted and said that he “had to challenge her” and went into a rant about how this woman, given her circumstances, couldn’t be a good mother. O’Reilly asked, in light of all the problems, how she could be a good mother. He said to Pilchman, his face becoming contorted, “don’t you know how (and he started saying a word beginning with s – stupid?) “outrageous that sounds?” When Pilchman asked “what evidence do we have,” Bill started yelling, “We have 14 people, one of them weighs a pound and a half. Isn’t that enough evidence, counselor.” When she said “no,” he screamed “we’re living in the Twilight Zone. We’re not living in America anymore. If a pound and a half baby and fourteen babies living in the same house isn’t enough evidence, we’re not living in America anymore. We’re living in do whatever the hell you want to do. We don’t care about the kids.” When Pilchman said that the mother will get money as a result of media attention, Bill shouted, “let’s market the kids for money. Let’s have as many as we can so we can sell them. I’m angry.” The other attorney, who only had a few minutes to speak, said that it’s better that the mother get private money than be a burden to the state. Bill finished by accusing the state of California of negligence because there should be a massive investigation. He said that he will post the picture of the social services director and call him a pinhead every day until he calls Bill and tells him exactly what he’s going to do. (How mature and professional. Perhaps Bill should hold his breath until he turns blue.”

Comment: There are so many issues involved in this situation which are not served by Bill O’Reilly’s ignorant rants. But his hypocrisy is amazing because on one hand, he is “pro-life;” yet he seems to be saying that this woman should have been stopped from having another child. In my opinion (and that of others in the reality based community) the problem is with the fertility clinic – but that’s a whole other issue. This woman did something that Bill disapproves of; so rather than discuss it intelligently, he goes off on a rant. If Bill is outraged about “marketing the children,” why isn’t he outraged about the Duggar brood? And memo to Bill: If the state intervenes, you have no right to this information because she has the right to confidentiality (remember the Joe the Plumber on welfare thing that you were so upset about – the same thing obtains here.). Bill does seem to have a problem with confidentiality as he had access to medical records involved in the Dr. Tiller (another person who felt the wrath of Bill) case and as such, a law might have been broken. But as far as state intervention – maybe somebody should investigate wealthy media guys who have some real anger issues!

Video Here: http://www.foxnews.com/video-search/m/21828208/unfit_mother.htm