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Mark Koldys a/k/a Johnny Dollar Can't Get Over Us

Reported by Ellen - January 29, 2009 -

For those who don't know, Mark Koldys a/k/a Johnny Dollar has been harassing this site since its inception. Apparently, having his own website with which to malign us is not enough antagonism for him. His perspective could have added an interesting counterpoint to this blog. But Koldys made it clear early on that he was uninterested in any reasoned, adult discussion. Indeed, he has made it his obsessive mission to attack us with overheated smears. The slightest, most trival error sends him into paroxysms of hyperventilating accusations. Hence it was no surprise that instead of simply notifying us that one of our guest posters had made a mistake, Koldys seized what he thought was an opportunity to impugn my integrity, my character and take personal potshots. And in the process, he twisted and distorted what had been posted.

Well, the laugh's on him. I have corrected the post and even cited Koldys' audio. Frankly, I find his ad hominem attacks against me tiresome and I am now going to take the opportunity to let people know a few things about him.

Originally, the News Hounds were unanimous (or nearly so) that he be allowed to stay despite his obnoxious, disruptive and ubiquitous presence on our blog. But eventually, when we realized that no amount of rational good will on our part would ever dissuade him from his irrational hostility, we asked him to leave. When he refused, we banned him. When he persisted in sneaking back here under various IP addresses, we finally reported him to his ISP for harassing us. That seemed to finally get his attention. Now he restricts his smearing to other websites - at least when he does so under his own name.

It's only natural that, in the four and a half years that this blog has existed, we would make mistakes. I have been contacted many times by people I have posted about (from FOX News and elsewhere) and I have considered their comments and often amended my posts as a result.

If, in the future, Koldys has information that he believes contradicts what I write, he is free to email it to the blog for consideration.

If he prefers to continue his malicious histrionics, that's his choice. If he thinks that behavior reflects well on him, so be it. As far as I can see, however, it has not done him much good. Our blog continues to demolish his in traffic comparisons. Unfortunately for him, there's just no disputing the fact that far more people find us appealing, interesting and worthy.


(Thanks to Peggy for the screen grab)