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Professor Larry Schweikart Gets FOURTH Appearance on Fox&Friends With ZERO Counterpoint - “Fair and Balanced?” LMAO/ROFL/LOL!!!!

Reported by Priscilla - January 15, 2009 -

Webster defines “monomania” as excessive concentration on a single object or idea. Fox&Friends brings new meaning to the term as they do appear to be obsessed about the children of “the heartland” learning “liberal lies” from “liberal textbooks.” (be scared!) And to prove this conservative monomania, Fox&Friends makes use of (drum roll, please) the one, the only, Larry Schweikart, the author of "48 Liberal Lies" (as noted by Larry Schweikart who gets to pimp his partisan tome every time he appears on Fox&Friends). In December, he appeared three times and he’s off to a good start, in 2009, with yesterday’s appearance on Fox’s favorite kid show. Once again, MENSA member (not) Steve Doocy did the “fair and balanced” interview of Larry – just Larry –once again!

Doocy introduced the segment by stating that the “textbooks that your child is using may be designed to advance a political agenda.” (Comment: And Fox isn’t doing the same thing?) The chyron read “Advancing an agenda, exposing errors/bias in textbooks.” Cue the professor to provide some affirmation. Doocy said that “as parents, you know, uh, rather than getting a right down the middle of the road approach from a teacher, you know that uh, there are a lot of stories, uh that they lean to the left.” He added that “what we’ve been talking about during the last number of weeks (yeah, Doocy, ad nausem) is that the fact that some of the textbooks which are supposed to be absolutely true and accurate lean sooo far (Doocy actually leaned) to the left.” He produced an example of a text sent in by one of the viewers (the American Pageant) in which it was said that the 2nd amendment provides the right to bear arms for military purpose. (Doocy exaggerating the last couple words) What’s that about? (Comment: no context here - just the copy of the specific phrase was shown, the rest of the page blurred). Schweikart that the purpose of the 2nd amendment was so that citizens could protect themselves against the government. (Comment: If this were “fair and balanced,” there might be some discussion of how the 2nd amendment could have been about protecting against slave rebellion) The chyron read “liberal ideology taught in US classes.” Doocy referenced another textbook, “The American Promise” and noted that all the referenced texts are used across the country. This book has the audacity to say that the Bush administration withdrew from the Kyoto Protocoal. Swaying back and forth, his voice getting higher, Doocy claimed that the book never said anything about the Clinton administration not signing it. Schwikart said that the Kyoto reference tries “to validate global warming.” (Comment: Hey Larry, George Bush has validated global warming and re “Kyoto” – a little more complex than you make it out to be) The chyron read “Defending America’s Past, debunking liberal lies told in school” Doocy said that parents, in looking through a textbook, think it’s fine; but “we’re not smart enough to realize that it’s an outright lie.” (Comment: speak for yourself, Steve) Schweikart repeated his advice to “go to the Reagan section.” (if that looks right, it’s all good). The chyron read (irony here) “Teaching propaganda, controversy over errors/bias in books.” Doocy gave one last example from “The National Experience” in which was written, “government subsidies were necessary to build the trans-continental railroad”. He added “that’s not right.” (Comment: subsidies were given, so somebody felt is was necessary.)The chyron read “advancing an agenda, exposing errors/bias in textbooks.” The propaganda (no “bailouts”) at this point was SO OBVIOUS when Schweikart said “this is important because just before the election, President elect Barack Obama cited this as a reason for why we need national technology czar and in fact all the railroads built with public money failed causing the panic of 1873. Did we need public money to build these? Absolutely not. The Great Northern railroad was built without a dime of public money. Doocy, who previously didn’t know about the topic, said “that’s exactly right.” Doocy, once again, requested copies of books “where you find inaccuracies” adding that “we will continue to pinpoint the exact books that are getting it wrong.” (according to Larry Schweikart.)

Comment: Talk about promoting an agenda. This is about the most egregious example of unfair and unbalanced reporting that I have ever seen on Fox. In its campaign to vilify liberals, Fox is also attempting to push an alternate, right wing history – and that’s really scary because, as we know from history, the control of education is part of fascist and totalitarian societies. It’s also so 1984. But the craziest part of this Fox book burning monomania is that they are relying on the word of one right wing professor. Fox slimes the textbooks without even offering the publishers a chance to rebut. They offer no competing conversation and analysis of complex historical issues that aren’t as simple as these segments make them out to be. But then, Fox does like to keep it simple for the viewers who live in a black and white world. This Fox&Friends monomania is pure propaganda which exposes Fox as not “fair and balanced’ journalism – but one big right wing joke!