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Ann Coulter Faces New Voter Fraud Allegations

Reported by Ellen - January 11, 2009 -

Ann Coulter was cleared in a 2006 voter fraud investigation in Florida after an FBI agent/friend "intruded," but new questions have arisen about her previous voting record in Connecticut. The New York Daily News reports that Coulter voted there via absentee ballot in 2002 and 2004 while records show she actually lived in New York City. Given FOX News' obsession with voter fraud, can we expect an investigation from the "we report, you decide" network? A prime time discussion covering one of their most frequent guests on the "fair and balanced" network? Don't hold your breath.

The Daily News reports that Connecticut will begin a formal investigation if they receive a complaint under oath. The paper notes, "There are a few 9/11 widows who might volunteer. (Coulter, you remember, called them “harpies and witches.”)" Private investigator Joseph Culligan has the documents relevant to Coulter's Connecticut voting posted on his site, webofdeception.com.

Brad Friedman has an excellent run down of the Florida allegations, including convincing evidence that Coulter also committed tax fraud.

It's also worth noting that in a 2006 FOX News appearance, Coulter "defended" herself against the Florida allegations by saying that she really lived in New York.

Suggested action: Contact FOX News and ask them to live up to their own "fair and balanced" motto by providing viewers with this information that is highly relevant to Coulter's character and credibility. You can email FOX at [email protected].

UPDATE: More about Coulter's bizarre voting behavior plus new allegations that she has endangered victims of domestic abuse from Lee Stranahan on the Huffington Post.