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Fox News War On Education – College Edition

Reported by Priscilla - January 9, 2009 -

Now that the “War On Christmas” is over, Fox is taking up arms against teachers, text books, and academia because (according to Fox) liberals represent a mushroom cloud that threatens to corrupt all the good boys and girls who, being of (according to Fox) weak mind, are easily seduced by Stalinist school svengalis. The scholastic weapons of mass destruction are out there in high schools and colleges; and as such, Fox News has another bogus wedge issue with which to rally the Peasants With Pitchforks anti academia brigades. The most recent skirmishes against this new enemy du jour (Fox, as the mouthpiece for the conservative “base” does love enemies and in channeling Joe McCarthy they have a lengthy list) take place on a show that isn’t exactly pitched to MENSA members, Fox&Friends. And who better to advise you about educational issues than Steve Doocy who, in the latest installment of the Fox fear of liberals ongoing series, interviewed the fair and balanced (not) David Horowitz.

On Wednesday’s Fox&Friends, Steve Doocy (who brings new meaning to the term “buffoon”) interviewed “red diaper baby” and David Horowitz (who must be taking time out from planning next year’s Islamofascism week). This segment was titled “The Trouble with Professors.” Weatherguy Doocy said that “we’ve been talking for weeks (the phrase here is “ad nauseum”) about the bias that you can find in school textbooks" (Comment: my last thread was about “The Trouble with Tribbles” – No, Textbooks!!!) He added, “our next guest is saying that an alarming number of college professors are pushing a liberal college agenda.” The chyron read, “Unfair influence – are college professors pushing a liberal agenda?” (Comment: the irony of a totally partisan news network whining about unfairness is priceless!) Doocy asked Horowitz a typical Fox question (statement of Fox fact): “Didn’t we know that professors are predominately to the left.” Horowitz said that the problem “isn’t a point of view…but that they use their classrooms to indoctrinate students instead of teaching them.” (Comment: Kinda like Roger Ailes who uses a news network to indoctrinate viewers?) The chyron read “Swaying student’s views? How teachers indoctrinate youth.” Horowitz continued with his feeling that these teachers should be teaching their students how – not what to think. Without sourcing his numbers, Horowitz claimed that there are tens of thousands of professors who use their classrooms as a “political recruitment center for radical ideas.” (Comment: are you scared, yet cuz David sure is. Look out David, there’s a radical student behind you!!!) Doocy said that he spent a lot of money on his kids’ education and is hoping that they’re being taught the truth. (Comment: and if your son’s impressive question to John McCain, of whether McCain would join young Doocy for a “shot” after the Hardball show, is any indication of things – that Villanova degree was sure worth it!!!!) Doocy claimed that there is a lot of “political spin” in schools and (Comment: like Fox News) if his kid disagrees with the professor, “my kid is going to get in trouble when it’s time for the grade.” Horowitz said that this was true and it is a “violation of a student’s academic freedom” He claimed that administrators let “radical faculty” run school. The chyron read “Impaired Faculties – universities growing liberal bias.” Horowitz then whined that people call you a racist, sexist, or an Islamophobe if you disagree with them. (Comment: If the shoe fits, David). Doocy noted that this was “true, all over this country.” David then bloviated about his “Academic Bill of Rights” which includes the principal that that in “controversial issues, more than one side should be presented in a respectful way.” (Comment: Certainly not an operating procedure for Fox News.) Horowitz whined that conservative professors are ridiculed and that “the left is doing what McCarthy couldn’t do. They have purged the universities of conservative thinkers.” (Comment: Professor Larry Schweikart hasn’t be purged and “McCartheism” – that’s Fox News’ modus operandi) The segment ended with a plug for Horowitz’s new book, “Indoctrination U.”

Comment: Talk about indoctrinating – 4 shows within one month about how “liberals” are “indoctrinating” American youth from a network whose sole purpose is to indoctrinate. My memo to Fox – quit yer bitching! It’s so tedious.