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Bill O’Reilly Saved Christmas??? Oh, No He Didn’t!!!

Reported by Priscilla - December 22, 2008 -

If there is any doubt about Bill O’Reilly’s over-inflated ego and other bodily appendages, one need look no further from last week’s bit of Christmas insanity. Remember when, last year, Bill decided to do his Christmas Inquisition thing with Great Barrington Massachusetts because they had the audacity – the audacity, I say – to turn out the town (dare I say) holiday lights at 10PM to conserve energy. Santa Bill sent out his faithful elf (or is it oaf?) Jesse Watters to confront the town council with their naughtiness. They, in turn told him that the action was reasonable and to Watters’ question about what they thought about Christmas, they said it was none of his business. Naturally, the chyron included the words “attacking Christmas.” (For the local reporting of the issue see the article in the Berkshire Record.) As the saying goes, “the more things change, the more they remain the same” and Christmas 2008 is deja vue all over again. The O’Reilly Inquisition is back in town – Great Barrington, Massachusetts that is. And it’s the same old, same old lies and smears from a very naughty Bill O’Reilly who rather than the “Savior” (and he does have Messianic delusions), is really the Christmas Grinch!

The Title for Bill’s “Producer’s Pick” (12/16) was “bah, humbug” (oh, the irony, the irony!). Bill began by reminding us that last year Great Barrington, Massachusetts (beautiful area and rather liberal!) was “trying to discourage Christmas lights because they contributed to global warming. Of course, that was nonsense.” (what was nonsense, Bill-O – global warming, the town’s actions, or your “reporting?”) Bill went on with his delusion (or is it lie?) that “we quickly discovered that the “Secular-Progressives” (Don’t you love Billspeak?) who run Great Barrington just don’t like Christmas (nice bit of channeling there, Bill-O) because it’s not inclusive enough.” Bill whined that there was “great outrage” and “the press up there viciously attacked “The Factor” (Bill-O does love to play the victim) but many folks were on our side…” (Once again with the divisive vocabulary). Bill then asserted that “The Factor” was again visiting Great Barrington “where Christmas is still being “opposed.” (Comment: As shown in the video, this allegation is a GREAT, BIG, BLEEPING LIE!)

The biggest complaint, in Great Barrington ( a town that, according to Bill-O is “held hostage by secular progressive), was that there weren’t enough lights.There were no comments about "inclusivity." But there were lights which were put up by the town light’s coordinator who was asked, by Watters, “what do you have against Christmas?” I suspect that Jesse was dismayed by the residents who said that too many light’s were tacky. One heathen said that he was celebrating the Solstice and an obvious “SP” woman dared to say that “Bill O’Reilly doesn’t get us” and challenged him to come up to the town to discuss the issue over a nice meal. Several residents said that they referred to the lights as “holiday” lights. (Comment: Repent or face Bill’s Inquisition!) Like the residents of that other “heathen” city, San Francisco, the residents of Great Barrington just didn’t have the requisite outrage - except for one guy who was "imbibing."Jesse went into a bar and asked this fine fellow “what do you think about people who don’t like the lights?” This “traditionalist” said that “they should go bleep themselves.” But despite the mellow attitude of those interviewed, Watters told O’Reilly “They’re very thankful that we saved their Christmas lights last year. Because without us, they wouldn’t have had any lights whatsoever.” (Comment: as shown by the facts, this assertion is a GREAT, BIG, BLEEPING LIE – the town did not ban the lights. But then Bill-O took credit for a downturn in French imports due to his call for a boycott on France. He also claimed he won a Peabody.)

Bill said that he heard that some people wanted Christmas and some didn’t (Comment: Even Bill’s hearing is delusional because this discussion didn’t take place.) and asked which side would win. Watters said that Christmas would prevail; but there’s a “vocal minority against it…then you have these academic elites that just think theoretically it’s an exclusionary holiday.” (Comment: nice working in of the anti-academia meme that’s so popular at Fox and in the GOP “base.”)

Comment: This “Producer’s Pick” was truly a “bold, fresh, piece” of you-know-what!!!

Video available here