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Who Is Targeted On “Grapevine’s” Two Minutes Of Hate? Al Franken and Helen Jones-Kelly – Both Democrats – Surprise, Surprise!

Reported by Priscilla - November 22, 2008 -

In an earlier thread I mentioned the uncanny resemblance between the official “two minutes of hate” in Orwell’s 1984 and “the most scintillating two minutes” of Fox “Grapevine” hate. Both serve to present propaganda disguised as fact and elicit negative reactions from the targeted audience. The enemies of "Big Brother" were targeted in 1984 and the enemies of the Republican right wing are targeted on Fox News. And while one is fictional, the other is all too real!

Last night’s (November 21st) “Grapevine” began with a segment entitled “Gimme a Break.” It concerned the reaction, by the right wing community, to Ohio Governor Ted Strickland’s putting his Director of Jobs and Family Service Department on paid leave after it was found that she ran background checks on Sam the non plumber Wurzelbacher and used her office e-mail to raise money for Barack Obama. Naturally, it was not mentioned that the report on the situation said that “ we did not find any evidence that shows the data was accessed or information released in response to media requests in an effort to support any political activity or agenda." “Grapevine” reported that Ohio Republicans say that the “punishment is not enough” and the state auditor says that Jones-Kelly shoud be fired. Naturally, “Grapevine” didn’t note that the state auditor is a Republican.

Comment: Obviously, the actions of Jones Kelly were ethically challenged; but where was the ire of “Grapevine” when it was revealed that the Bush administration was accessing information on the phone calls of American citizens and the actions of non violent anti war protestors??? And e-mails used improperly – how about the questions relating to White House e-mails, used for official business, registered to the RNC? And just yesterday, it was revealed that “Wireless president and CEO Lowell McAdam apologized to President-elect Barack Obama on Friday for the actions of an undisclosed number of company employees who accessed and viewed Obama's personal cell phone account.” The article also mentioned that Obama’s passport records were inappropriately accessed. Think Republicans are upset? Think there will be a public clamor for firings? (there didn't seem to be any regarding the State Department breach) Think “Grapevine” will cover it? Think again!

The Franken item (the second of the group entitled "Chipping Away") was, according to "Grapevine," sourced from a Minnesota Star Tribune article which, according to "Grapevine," shows just how “dogged” the Franken campaign is in challenging ballots. A photo of a ballot, which might show Coleman’s name selected, was shown as an example of what is being challenged. Naturally they didn’t show other questionable ballots which both candidates are challenging. Naturally they didn’t reveal that Coleman’s lead has shrunk to 129 votes. Oh yes, and naturally, they claimed that their story was from the Minnesota Star Tribute when it appears to have been sourced directly from Matt Drudge who sourced just one of many articles, in the Star Tribune, regarding the recount. Drudge's webpage, with this item, is entitled "Minnesota Democrats Exposed." As you can see in the photo, the circle next to Coleman's name is partially filled in; but has what appears to be an "X" over the circle.

Comment: Jones-Kelly is a "Grapevine" target because she accessed, inappropriately, information regarding a sainted figure and cherished icon of the Republican right. Franken is a “Grapevine” target because he’s a Democrat who is challenging a sainted Republican. One suspects that after the first two segments, the Fox audience got the message that Democrats do bad things. “Grapevine” – keeping it short and simple – “two minutes of (Orwellian) hatred.”