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Van Susteren Gushes Over Palin's Star Power At RGA Convention, Ignores That She Was Passed Over For Leadership

Reported by Ellen - November 15, 2008 -

FOX News “liberal,” Greta Van Susteren ought to consider opening a chapter of the Sarah Palin fan club. Come to think of it, maybe she already has. On last night's (11/14/08) On The Record, Van Susteren gushed about how Palin “stole the show” at the Republican Governor's Association convention earlier in the week in Miami. But Van Susteren neglected to note that Palin's popularity did not extend to her fellow governors who were not only reluctant to back her as a future presidential candidate, they also left her out of RGA's new leadership lineup. In another Palin story, Van Susteren falsely claimed that Palin had been cleared of “all wrongdoing” in Troopergate. With video.

Is there ever an On The Record show without at least one segment showcasing Palin? Only if she were to disappear in Aruba could the former Miss Wasilla get more sympathetic attention from Van Susteren.

As Think Progress reported, many GOP governors declined to embrace Palin either as their party's leader or presidential candidate for 2012 and they made it official by not voting her into any of the organization's leadership positions.

But Van Susteren ignored that as she enthused over Palin's appearance, “The election may be over but Governor Sarah Palin is not going anywhere... Governor Palin stole the show at this week's GOP conference.”

A banner on the lower third of the screen gushed right along with Van Susteren: “Gov. Palin steals the show at GOP governors conference.”

Think Progress put together a video compilation of the Republican governors refusing to call Palin “the future of the party.” Yet, Van Susteren asked her guest, Miami Herald reporter Patricia Mazzei, “It's way early but is the governor of Alaska now the top contender for the Republican nomination in 2012?”

I think it's safe to say there's at least one vote that Palin has already banked, eh?

Mazzei made it pretty clear that while Palin got media attention, there were plenty of indications she's not necessarily the darling of the party. Mazzei said, "There was quite the media buzz, Greta, when Governor Palin gave a press conference... but it was a two-day conference and she didn't speak on the first day, on Wednesday, so that day was more for some of the other GOP rising stars, including Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Governor Charlie Crist in Florida and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.”

Van Susteren didn't take the hint. She responded, "Not that we measure necessarily who's going to be the best president by who's got the most cameras chasing himself or herself but when you saw those other governors walk down the hall... did they have the sort of paparazzi following them?"

Mazzei replied that while Palin had more cameras chasing her, the other governors got their “fair share” of questions about the future of the party and “where it goes from here.”

After the discussion with Mazzei, Van Susteren gave an update on Troopergate. She wrongly stated that Palin had been “cleared of all wrongdoing” in that matter. In fact, there were two investigations regarding Palin's conduct in Troopergate. One investigation did indeed clear her of wrongdoing. But the other, conducted for the Alaska State legislature, found that Palin abused her power and violated state ethics law. The Anchorage Daily News summed it up: Opposing conclusions from investigators leave no clear path to resolution.