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Michelle Malkin On Liberal "Hate Speech" - Oh, The Irony!

Reported by Priscilla - November 15, 2008 -

There’s a “culture war” on and Michelle Malkin is a five star general. Her us vs. them/good vs. evil views dovetail nicely with the standard memes at Fox. Unlike mainstream conservatives (Will, Noonan, Brooks, Buckley) who are seen on the so called “liberal media,” Malkin is a pure ideologue – an author of hatefilled screeds and obscure columns full of hatred towards those Americans whom she deems anathema. MSNBC’s non mainstream hater, Pat Buchanan, doesn’t have blogs where pro-life/gun (now there’s some rich irony) peasants with pitchforks can post hateful comments* about those who, once again, are deemed anathema to the new wannabe Torquemada. Malkin, like Fox News and the rabid right wing, are fighting against the "liberal agenda" and it was interesting to see the irony in Ms. Malkin being interviewed, on Fox, about “hateful” liberals. You didn’t need a former weatherman to know which way the wind was blowing on last Wednesday’s (November 12th) Fox&Friends. It was certainly “hot air.”

*See end of thread for a real classic

Steve Doocy first asked Malkin (the only guest) about the proposed bail out of the auto industry. This is a very complex issue with wide ranging ramifications; but, not surprisingly, Malkin blamed the problems on the unions. (Comment: Hey Michelle, way to win back republican votes in the rust belt and Nevada!) But then the conversation turned to a recent incident (all the rage in the right wing blogosphere) involving a San Francisco radio personality who was fired from KGO after he made (extremely offensive and inappropriate) homicidal comments, about Joe the Plumber, when he thought his mic was off. Karel is a gay activist and writes for the Huffington Post so naturally he’s already on an “enemies list.” This one incident provided Ms. Malkin with a platform on which to have a little pouty fit about nasty left wing radio. Former weather guy Steve Doocy asked Malkin “what took so long”for Charles “Karel” Bouley to be fired. In keeping with a standard rightwing/Fox meme, Malkin responded that “there is a conscience lag” in San Francisco (comment: a tolerant city that is also home to a radio station that broadcasts hater Michael Savage). Malkin said his firing sends a message that “unhinged liberal hate speech” should be punished. According to Malkin, “assassination chic has gripped left wing radio.” She described left wing talk shows as having “gotten away with so much.” (Comment: oh, the irony!). She claimed that liberal accusations of right wing hate speech are based on just a few “nutballs” who don’t represent the mainstream (Comment: oh, the irony!) and that liberals suggested that John McCain is responsible for this isolated right wing venom. Malkin again claimed that it was left wing media that promoted “hate speech aimed at Joe the Plumber.”

Comment: You want a culture war, Michelle, then bring it because I’m calling you on hypocrisy. Let’s start with “assassination chic.” Where were you when Ann Coulter “joked” about poisoning SCOTUS Judge Stevens? Where were you when Melanie Morgan, broadcasting from San Francisco’s KSFO, said “she wouldn’t have any problem” with NY Times Executive Editor, Bill Keller, being put in a gas chamber? Where were you when Michael Savage, who continuously engages in crude attacks against the gay community, attacked Senator Ted Kennedy by playing a Dead Kennedy’s song? And you want to talk left wing radio hatred? You might not want to go there because Media Matters has a compendium of right wing radio hatred towards Obama, women, autistic kids, amd minorities. These “nutballs” are not, as you claim “isolated – rather, they are legion. One wonders if the increased threats against Obama are coming from fans of right wing hate radio.Chad Castegana, the guy who sent Keith Olberman the fake anthrax and drove a van saying “death to liberals," was a great fan of yours. But I’d like to sign off with an example of your hypocrisy. While you present your self righteous arguments about poor conservatives being the victims of hate speech, your own house is a little dirty and you haven’t cleaned it up. A comment, worthy of an FBI referral, from one of your “Christian culture crusaders” is still standing:

"On September 30th, 2008 at 10:37 am, Tazed and Confused said:
I’m puzzled why the pro-abortion left won’t “walk the talk” and end their own lives… leaving fewer carbon footprints behind…Perhaps stepping into a wood chipper might let them share in the experience they so want for the unborn. Let Obama be first… I’ll be there to help"

How that for “assassination chic?”

By giving you "exclusive" air-time," Fox News clearly demonstrates an agenda that is neither "fair" nor "balanced."