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Hannity, Kelly, FOX News Help Propagate Phony "Found Votes" Story In Minnesota Election

Reported by Ellen - November 13, 2008 -

As I previously posted, FOX News did its best to make political hay out of reports that 32 absentee ballots had been found in the trunk of an election director in Minneapolis. Both Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly used the report to insinuate wrongdoing in the Minnesota senate race which remains undecided. But the story is false.

To quote David Brauer, of MinnPost.com:

The “car ballot” story emerged Saturday from the mouth of Coleman lawyer Fritz Knaak, who, according to AP, told reporters, “We were actually told ballots had been riding around in (Minneapolis election director Cindy Reicher's) car for several days, which raised all kinds of integrity questions.” Knaak never provided a source and did not return two MinnPost calls for comment. However, he was already backing off his story at the same press event. As that day’s Pioneer Press noted, “Knaak said he feels assured that what was going on with the 32 ballots was neither wrong nor unfair.”

Hannity also falsely reported that all of the 32 votes "conveniently" went to Al Franken. But Brauer reports that 18 went to Franken, 7 went to Coleman and the remainder went to others.

H/T The Minnesota Independent

Can we expect a retraction? Ask Hannity at [email protected], Colmes at [email protected], Kelly at [email protected] and/or FOX News at [email protected].