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Get Used to the "Gotcha" Segments re Barack Obama

Reported by Melanie - November 12, 2008 -

The AP released a new poll today (November 12, 2008) which shows that the American people are overwhelmingly optimistic, even excited, about Barack Obama's ability to handle the economic crisis. So what did Neil Cavuto, Fox's "business news" guy say about it? He picked out the one itty bitty poll result, amidst all the optimism, that supports his point of view and he turned it into a segment, what else?

UPDATE below.

The segment, featuring guest Julian Epstein, a Democratic strategist, was at the end of the hour. Nonetheless, Cavuto teased it several times - saying things like, "A brand new poll out. America elected Barack Obama but not his tax hikes? See the numbers." (That, over a chyron that read, TAX HIKE SHOCK!)

Cavuto and Epstein chewed the fat over the deficit, spending (on things like health care and a potential bailout of GM) and what Obama might or might not do, including letting Bush's tax-cuts-for-the-rich expire in 2010 as his first step toward raising taxes on those making over $250,000.

But all the while, the chyron on the screen read: "New Poll: 29% of Americans Say Tax Hikes are Top Priority:"


Comment: Remember how the right flipped out about the supposed "gotcha" Sarah Palin interviews? Well hey, these guys are masters at real "gotcha" stuff, like this. Get ready for an avalanche of it re Barack Obama. They're going to be digging through every poll and every sentence he utters and every move he makes.

UPDATE: Of course, Cavuto didn't mention this.