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Hey Greta, Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

Reported by Priscilla - November 8, 2008 -

Once upon a time, Greta Van Sustern was a credible legal commentator on CNN. Since moving to Fox, Van Sustern has gone from covering missing white women to being Sarah Palin’s new best girlfriend. In the process of attempting to anoint “Queen Esther” (I kid you not, see Max Blumenthal’s video) and promote RNC talking points, Van Sustern has sunk to the partisan red meat level of Fox News’ top luminaries. To accompany her show, she has a blog – The Greta Wire – on which the peasant with pitchfork brigade posts thoughts (read at your own peril) from the deepest recesses of the reptilian brain. Greta’s latest threads are full of the whining and victimization rhetoric that is oh-so-popular in right wing circles. (And silly me, I thought that it was only liberals who “played the victim” – go figure)

The latest Greta “wires” are about how People Magazine has a CNN ad which contains a huge picture of Anderson Cooper. Another item discussed how the island nation of Antigua wants to rename their highest peak, Mount Obama. (Hey Greta, it’s their country and who really cares!) She then posted a video of Sarah Palin’s friend who spoke in Palin’s defense. Greta told her readers (and I use the term loosely) “you know how I feel about the sniping that has gone on, against Sarah Palin, since the election.” (yeah, Greta, it’s coming from the McCain campaign. As politics of personal destruction, you, as a Fox reporter, should be familiar with it.)

But the best whine was the one in which Greta asked “who got to ask questions The President Elect Obama press conference? (in other words, who did President Elect Obama ignore?” (Comment: first, she missed the word “at” and the correct usage is “whom did President…” but I’m being picky) She provided a link which informed us that (oh, the horror, the horror) Obama, who took nine questions, didn’t pick a question from a Fox reporter.

Comment: Talk about journalistic hubris. Obama didn’t pick any reporters from MSNBC or CBS either. He didn’t pick Helen Thomas. He didn’t pick the NY Times. After the smears which emanated from Fox News, they are lucky that Obama honors their press credentials. But it is truly sad and all I can say is boo, freaking, hoo!!!!!