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Republicans going to try to prevent new voters in PA from voting

Reported by Chrish - October 29, 2008 -

In what was repeatedly teased as "Breaking news" by John Fund this morning 10/29/08 on FOX and Friends, we learned that a whistleblower, name unintelligible, will come forward to PA officials and assert that ACORN's voter registration quality controls are "minimal to nonexistent." Today the Republican Party will seek an injunction that prevents ACORN registrations from being processed.
With video.

Fund's big news amounted to nothing more than an announcement of another step by the right to try to disenfranchise voters who will presumably vote in large numbers for Barack Obama. It was framed and presented as another reason to mistrust ACORN, but the real story is one political party trying to stop voters for the other party from voting at all. They are clearly covering all kinds of bases, preparing a major drive to contest the outcome should Obama be elected. If, on the slight chance McCain wins, we can expect all cries of voter fraud and calls for investigations to cease immediately, and any contests of the vote (machine shenanigans, disenfranchisement through voter roll purges etc.) from Democrats will be pooh-poohed, as they have been last two presidential elections.

As usual, the right's perspective on the issue - unsafe elections - is given all the attention while real concerns about un-American voter disenfranchisement from the top down go unreported.

Additionally, Fund and Friends discussed a new ruling in Ohio that allows homeless people to list park benches as their primary residence. While they pretend to be in favor of even the homeless being able to vote, they introduce the notion that now there could be a rash of voter fraud by people who register with multiple "addresses."

There's another fallback - if Obama wins, it's because we all voted twice with park benches as our doppleganger's addresses. More smears, more fears.