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Palin Is Not Ted Stevens’ “Close” Political Ally? Depends On The Definition Of “Close!"

Reported by Priscilla - October 29, 2008 -

Fox News is doing all they can to promote the McPalin candidacy and that includes doing some damage control. According to Brit Hume, it appears that “some in the media have decided that the conviction of Republican Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska is a referendum on Sarah Palin.” (Comment: yeah, Brit – the old guilt by association thing so beloved by Fox News when it applies to Democrats). Hume then claimed that “while Palin said in July she had "great respect" for Stevens, they have not been close political allies.” Well, not so fast, Brit; it’s not quite as simple as you might think. But then “Grapevine” is all about propaganda in short, simple soundbites.

Hume cited a comment in “The Scotsman” which claimed that the Stevens’ conviction was an “embarrassment for Palin” and an article in “Rolling Stone” which asked why Palin was “palling around” with a suspected felon.” According to “Grapevine,” Tim Dickinson, author of the “Rolling Stone” article, cited an old Anchorage Daily News article which reported that Palin and Stevens campaigned together, in 2002, for Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski; but didn’t follow up with the fact that Palin later defeated Murkowski for the office of governor.

So it’s all good – right? Turns out that the relationship between Stevens and Palin is, as noted by MSNBC’s First Read, “not completely frosty.” Despite Palin’s recent distancing from Stevens, “they came together this summer for a joint press conference on energy initiatives. Both support drilling in ANWR, and Stevens has lent tacit support for Palin's effort to build and pay for a natural gas pipeline through Alaska. And Stevens went out of his way to compliment Palin this summer in interviews, saying she was on the right track as governor, praising her plans to handle the state's energy crisis and telling Alaskans she'd make a good vice presidential pick for McCain.” The Washington Post has an article which describes Palin’s role as director of a 527 which was organized by Ted Stevens. The article mentioned that “the two filmed a campaign commercial together to highlight Stevens's endorsement of Palin during the 2006 race.” But let’s look at Senator Stevens endorsement of Palin (has been scrubbed from her website):

“I have known and worked with Sarah for over a decade - from her service as Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, in her role as president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors, and most recently as our Governor. She is attentive to her job and family, brings people together, and is able to make tough decisions.

Comment: If not “close,” I’d say pretty chummy! Guilt by association? I report, you decide!