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Karl Rove Becomes the Poor Victim When Woman Tries to Make a Citizen's Arrest

Reported by Melanie - October 24, 2008 -

On October 21, at the annual convention of the Mortgage Bankers' Association in San Francisco, Karl Rove and former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell debated the 2008 presidential election and the state of the economy. While they were on stage, a brave woman approached Rove, produced some handcuffs, and attempted to make a citizen's arrest before security officials escorted her away. Here's video.

In my opinion, this is a dead serious and extremely important matter but naturally, the "liberal media" has essentially ignored it. But, guess what? Fox didn't. Neil Cavuto, who hosted Rove yesterday (October 23, 2008) on his "business news" show, brought it up over a chyron that read, "Karl Rove Harassed by Protester at Mortgage Convention," using the incident to bash protesters and to make Rove look like an innocent victim. He didn't say that the woman was trying to make a citizen's arrest, instead he introduced Rove as "The Architect," and exclaimed he was "very worried," when "this woman stormed the stage." Are "you all right?" (Watch the video. She walked onto the stage. She didn't "storm" it. And far as I can tell, she didn't lay a finger on Rove.)

Rove said heck yeah, "I'm a Texan. I'm okay. Come on. Some woman from California tried to slap cuffs on me? No problem man, come on."

Cavuto: "What did you do? Did you think; where was the security for this?!"

Watching video of the encounter, Rove said, "They're there in just a second. They ride to the rescue. Here they come. There they are. They got her. Oh yeah! Yeah!"

Cavuto: "Were you ever worried. Like hey, you saw this woman storm the stage, right?"

Rove said he "had confidence" because he'd met the security people "and they were good, so I didn't need to worry about it."

Cavuto: "Alright. As long as you're okay."

Here's video.

Rove's arrogance and machismo is disgusting.