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Megyn Kelly goes all Bill O'Reilly on Alan Singer about Bill Ayers

Reported by Chrish - October 23, 2008 -

America's Newsroom hostess Megyn Kelly lost her cool and her thin veneer of professionalism this morning 10/23/08 when she blasted phoned-in guest Dr. Alan Singer, Hofstra University professor and defender of Bill Ayers' reputation. Singer and some three thousand other professors nationwide have signed a petition to stop the smears against Ayers, now a well-respected college professor himself, for his radical activities in the 1960s. The term "domestic terrorist" is being attached to him and is being used by FOX and other right-wing outlets to smear Obama with a guilt-by-association tactic. Singer's calm and reasonable approach sent Kelly off the deep end and she responded with angry shouting.
With video.

Singer was able to make the point, before the shoutdown commenced, that he's been on FOX three times recently defending Ayers, and he sees it as a lame attempt by FOX to smear Obama with accusations of close personal ties to Ayers.

FOX hosts seem to think that their "passion" (loss of control) about a subject makes them better journalists entertainers, but it's just a case of out-shouting your opponent and declaring yourself victor. We can't help but notice that the shouting is always done by the FOX hosts over the guests, and that the point is always to defend a right-wing icon or talking point, at the expense of a liberal or Democratic one. I have never, ever, in five years of watching FOX, seen a host get screamingly passionate defending gay rights, denouncing illegal warrantless wiretapping, demanding something be done to halt global warming, or any other progressive issue.