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FOX Friends do damage control on Palin wardrobe extravagance

Reported by Chrish - October 23, 2008 -

FOX and Friends took a little break from bashing ACORN yesterday morning 10/22/08 to address the haute couture issue of the former moose-huntin' hockey mom turned fashion plate, blithely dismissing righteous indignation as sexist obsession with women's appearances. Well, duh - it's the Republican Party who dressed her up and trotted her out - don't blame us for being aghast at the price tag!

Brian Kilmeade read off the number$ and the chichi retail outlets where Palin's benefactors at the RNC took her shopping, and Gretchen Carlson immediately dismissed it, saying the clothes will be auctioned off after the election. (Yeah sure, now that the cat's out of the Louis Vuitton bag.)

By the way, that line is not quite a ringing endorsement of the candidates, is it? It sounds like they're assuming she'll be going back to her Alaskan habitat - if she were to stay in Washington she'd "need" those clothes - can't have Nancy Pelosi dressing better than the Veep!

Carlson gretched that this would be a big news item, and "challenged" that when we stop treating women as sexist objects, and stop talking about their clothes and shoes etc., we can stop talking about her pricey wardrobe. It touched my heart to hear one beauty queen defend another over how insulting it is for women to be judged by their appearance!

Anyway, bullshit. It's not the suits or new wardrobe, it's the price of them, it's the absolute elitism of a spree like that at stores like that as she goes around trying to sell herself as a WalMart hockey mom, someone Americans can identify with. Maybe it goes to the Cinderella fantasy, that maybe someday you too can be plucked from your everyday world and fly in private jets and spend more on clothing than on your mortgage, and doubtless eat a lot better than moose stew - the same reasons people play the lottery, but worse odds.

The guys on the couch mocked MSNBC's take ("MSDNC") and suggested that a guy shouldn't be commenting on women's clothing. Apparently Doocy doesn't know that some of the most successful designers are men. He shriled People on teevee, people in the public eye, get free clothes! If you're in the public eye, you've got to look good!

How about, if you're running for VP, you have to know what the job entails and we promise not to care how you look? This is tacit admission of a known fact: Palin is a product being sold and marketed.

Palin's not just an empty suit, she's a damned expensive one at that! But IOKIYAR on FOX.