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Give me an M! Give me a C! etc. FOX cheerleads for McCain

Reported by Chrish - October 17, 2008 -

Following are a few McCain cheerleading moments from FOX and Friends 10/17/08.

- The Friends discussed the latest Gallup tracking poll of "likely" voters, which shows Obama ahead by "only" two points, 48% to 46%, within the margin or error. Among resistered voters, the gap opens to 49% to 43%, which was mentioned - but, it was noted, Obama has fallen below 50%. Don't walk away, warned Carlson, because it's everchanging. (Our guy could still pul it off, she's implying.) Later, when they repeated essentially the same segment, the live audience with Steve Doocy at The Villages in Florida ("Disneyland for adults"), spontaneous applause broke out, giving insight into the FOX and Friends' audience.

- Dick Morris, they said, doesn't think the last debate will give McCain any significant bump, but this Joe the Plumber thing came up just in time for McCain ("potentially," said Gretchen Carlson, who uses that word at least three times a show) to make this a race.

- The pals discussed how McCain said nice things about Obama at the end of his segment, and Doocy wondered of Obama went off script a little with his nice remarks about McCain - "uh-oh, I better have something (nice) to say." Point; McCain naturally gracious, Obama cornered into it.

- The Friends repeatedly noted how much better last night's Al Smith dinner was for both candidates, because we got to see their true personalities; "they" weren't so angry. (Of course, McCain is the candidate noted for his angry disposition; Obama has remained calm and professional throughout.)

- A long-running chyron read "Obama lead slips: poll shows JSM within two points" and conversely "McCain comeback? Obama advantage down to two points." Yes, as noted in that single poll of "likely" voters - a model which many analysts say doesn't fit this year. Between the millions of newly registered voters, the energized youth and minority voters, and the prevalence of cell phone only users, those old models are obselete.

Some media bias jabs:

- Kilmeade said he did some studying and found that late night comics make 7 times more jokes about McCain and Republicans than they do about Obama and Democrats - 286:42 Well, it wasn't really Kilmeade, it was The Center for Media and Public Affairs, founded by Robert Lichter and funded by major right-wing contributors.

- A young student was arrested at a Palin rally for disordertly conduct; where's the media coverage of this "liberal rage"? They are trying to equate the Palin supporters who shouted "kill him" and "terrorist" about Obama to anyone who protests in support of Obama, who Malkin called the "fringe people, out-of-control, unhinged folks on the left." You should see this preppy college kid being led away, yelling "Obama!" - ooh, threatening. If he was yelling death threats I'd take it seriously, and so would the media. According to Malkin, the Secret Service could not find a single person - so we must have been hearing voices, what? The storyline has been changed by the right, who are saying "there were no chants" of kill him. Well, nobody said there were chants, but individuals.

- The media scrutiny (led by bloggers) into "Joe the Plumber" was characterized as unfair, kill the messenger type attacks, character assassination even, rather than investigative reporting of a new face on the national scene. That he misrepresented himself is of no interest to the couch 'tators; bringing Obama's "spread the wealth" soundbite is all that matters. Malkin described the ongoing revelations about him as "JTPDS - Joe the Plumber Derangement Syndrome." She really needs to get some new material.

- The Democrat who replaced Mark Foley has been caught in a mistress scandal - why isn't the media covering it? Doocy, use your Google.

- Last but not least, Chris Wallace, the impartial news guy, appeared and had a few words for McCain too, which I found favorable and chummy. Last night's McCain at the Al Smith dinner was the McCain "we've all known and loved for these last few years: straight talk, funny, self-deprecating, sometimes edgy and sarcastic... he ought to let it all hang out these last few weeks and remind people what they like so much about John McCain."

His speech writers from last night should be on the campaign trail with him; he killed, but that's John McCain, that's very much his sense of humor.

Guests included Ari Fleischer, Andrew Napolitano, Walid Phares, Geraldo Rivera, Michelle Malkin (with a Democrat opposite) and Chris Wallace.

It's a 24/7 McCainapalooza on FOX these days.