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Morris spins ACORN, Ayers, Obama

Reported by Chrish - October 13, 2008 -

On Hannity and Clmes last Friday night 10/10/08, guest Dick Morris and sub-host Michael Steele traded falsehoods about ACORN and Obama's ties to them.
With video.

Morris says Obama "has supported, been involved with, provided counsel for, and funded and continues to provide funding for" an organization under investigation for "systematic and deliberate perpetuation of voter fraud." Republicans drag out ACORN every election cycle as a back-up plan, to accuse Democrats of unfair play should their own election fraud fail. If they're really concerned about the integrity of American elections and really want clean, democratic outcomes, why do they not address these issues, along with demanding paper trails, demanding a clean break between all election officials up to and including Secretaries of States and any campaign, and independent outside testing of all machinery involved in elections? This is merely a ruse being hyped to sow doubt and to cover for the ensuing chaos should Obama win.

When confronted with facts and logic by Alan Colmes, Morris had to switch gears and say his concern was not that Obama associated with Ayers but rather that they together funnelled money into education programs intended to "radicalize" students. Mrris wants education money to got o reading and math.

That's fine if we're talking about tax dollars, but private funding can be granted for whatever purpose the donor wishes. Surely the Annenbergs knew what they were getting for their $50 million.