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FOX and Friends keeps on hammering Republican talking points

Reported by Chrish - October 10, 2008 -

This morning's FOX and Friends 10/10/08 found the crew (with Alisyn Camerota sitting in for Gretchen Carlson) torn between two memes, so like a YTD child without the Ritalin, they ping-ponged back and forth between William Ayers and ACORN - enough to drive you nuts!

The middle hour went something like this:

:03 Breaking News - Ohio Secretary of State breaking law, not being helpful to county Boards of Elections

:05 Voter fraud latest - OH SoS not giving Counties opportunityto check SSNs, etc. There are no checks and balances! (F&F's newfound concern about accountability, as evidenced by Kilmeade's recent worry that the White House and Congress may be under Democratic control come January) A guy who works in a mall kiosk was approached -allegedly by ACORN members - and offered cigarettes and $1 to fill out multiple applications, and he did it 70X for the cigs! (Arrest that man.)

:08 When did Obama know Ayers was a former radical terrorist? There's so much gray! Michelle and Bernadette worked for the same law firm, and a Google map shows Ayers', Louis Farrakhan's, and Obama's homes and a "former Rezko property" in the same nice neighborhood!!! Maybe Bill O'Reilly will suggest Al Qaeda bomb Chicago when they're through with San Francisco.


:16 Intro to next segment is clip from SNL where Obama-actor states his best friend and mentor is Ayers, as McCain-character wanders around in background.

:18 Bob Beckel manages to defend ACORN, saying yes, their intent is to register Democrats, (if they wanted Republicans they'd be at the country clubs, not the lower income neighborhoods), but theres nothing wrong with that. (Therein lies the crux of the biscuit. On FOX it's a huge deal that Democrats are organizing and getting out the vote.) Opponent Rich Galen said it's not a grand conspiracy, but county by county it can make a differnce, to which Beckel retorted that the real problem in Ohio is the voting machines. Oops, segment over.

:35 "Stealing Ohio" segment; more of the same. Video of OH SoS Brunner on "On the Record" last night (which has given up any pretense at being a legal show) but Steve Doocy rebutted the long-gone official's statements with FOX talking points. An appearance by Ken "He should know" Blackwell, who asserts there's a "crisis of confidence" destroying "the credibility of our systems" and offered a gimmick, a small personal flashlight to shed light on the darkness that is ACORN.

:42 Does Barack Obama's denial of his relationship reveal more about his character ("Character flaw" per the banner) than his politics? Next, a victim of Weather Underground/Ayers.

:46 Former NYPD cop Paul Ragonese can't believe Obama didn't know of Ayer's past; thinks Obama should have asked what Ayers did before he was a professor. Lower third reads "With friends like these... Obama's ties to Bill Ayers" Also, Obama should have spoken out against what Ayers did when he learned of it (which he did) and Obama should have said Ayers should have gone to prison. Lots of "should haves" in this man's mind. Acknowledging that he is a Republican, Ragonese said he'd denounce McCain too if (there's the hypothetical) he knew Ayers - but he didn't say he wouldn't vote for him.

:54 Geraldo graces the curvy couch, give his recollection of those times; he was activist lawyer in 1970s representing Puerto Rican "Young Lords." Their point: everybody knew about it.

The teaser for the next hour included one for "the massive voter fraud issue sweeping the nation."

The next hour (and the previous one) were much the same.

Back in February, Larry Johnson said "William Ayers, in the age of terrorism, will be Barack Obama's Willie Horton," and predicted "Republicans will likely use these relationships to bludgeon Obama's presidential aspirations into dust." American politics being what it is, it's understandable to see McCain's campaign and his supporters and surrogates attempting to do just that.

What's relevant is that FOX is clearly among those supporters and surrogates. For hours on end they decry Obama and praise McCain; they cast suspicion on Obama and dismiss questions about McCain; they blame Democrats and forgive Republicans for everything. They hammer all the Republican talking points, day after day, and pretend it's "news."

Can we please lose the fairandbalanced slogan and just move on? If FOX would just stop this ridiculous pretense and be HONEST with itself and its viewers I think they'd be better accepted. It's the purposeful DECEIT that makes their programming propaganda.