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Cavuto: The United States is the Greatest - the Europeans Are Stupid and They Need Us

Reported by Melanie - October 6, 2008 -

Is the right capable of sitting with a problem without blaming or belittling someone or something in order to make itself feel better? Apparently not. Check out today's (October 6, 2008) "Common Sense" segment from Neil Cavuto: Financial Crisis Proves the U.S. Still Matters.

In essence, Cavuto says that the United States is (still) the greatest of the great and Europeans are idiots and they can't live without us. Oh, and for some reason (wink, wink - wonder why) the transcript omits the snarky last line that was in the live version: "Which is why the French are fried."

UPDATE: Shocking (and I'm not kidding) update below.

Comment: (Bring back memories of "old Europe?") Way to go Neil. Get defensive and cocky and piss off the world at the very time we need to work with it to fix the financial mess which we caused. I mean, I know you're trying to play to your base but...

UPDATE: I wanted to put this up ASAP and this seemed to be as good a time as any. Check it out. Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) speaking on the House floor last Thursday about how the White House sold the bailout bill to members by threatening to impose martial law.