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When It Comes To Jewish Culture, Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Have A Clue

Reported by Deborah - September 28, 2008 -

When self proclaimed "culture warrior" Bill O'Reilly wants to play truth seeker , he should stick with the cultures he understands. During his "Reality Checks" segment on Thursday, 9/25, his swipes at Bill Clinton and Sarah Silverman showed that when it comes to the Jewish culture, he doesn't have a clue.

BOR opened the segment predictably defending Sarah Palin's dismal CBS interview. Blaming Katie Couric for asking questions that might require Palin to actually know something, he thought Couric shouldn't have asked Palin to back up a statement about McCain with specifics. O'Reilly said that was an unfair "gotcha" question adding, of course, that Palin should come on The Factor so he can ask the right questions. We all heard the same crapola about Barack Obama and we know how that turned out. However, the right questions for Palin would be a lot different from Obama's and would not be followed by the "Palin Chronicles", I'm sure.

Before viewers had a chance to consider Palin's fitness for the VP slot, O'Reilly got the "poor Sarah" sentiment going with a comment made by Alcee Hastings.

"Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do to Jews or Blacks"

Maybe O'Reilly knows what Sarah Palin's pastor believes about "Israelites" and banking because he tried to fling the negative Hasting's image on to Bill Clinton and Sarah Silverman.

First Bill Clinton got jabbed for saying he was going to campaign in Florida "after the Jewish Holidays". O'Reilly quipped "who knew he was Jewish. Who knew?" Well, who knew Bill O'Reilly didn't know that the huge Jewish population in Florida will be unavailable during the holidays.

Then Sarah Silverman got Bill's disgusted face for her very funny youtube bit about getting out the Jewish vote in Florida. Claiming that Al Gore got f**ked in Florida while a phallic looking map of Florida was displayed above her, Silverman urged everyone to talk to their grandparents in Florida about voting for Obama.

comment: I found the bit especially amusing after all the conversations with my 80 something Mother-in-law and Aunt living in Boca Raton considering voting Republican for the first time in their lives. Actually my Aunt was one of the Buchanan casualties in 2000 and refused to vote in 2004 because she was sure her vote would be diverted to Bush. So Sarah Silverman made a valid point and probably struck a chord with a lot of Jewish Americans. Come on Bill O'Reilly, are you really that clueless or are you just running out of Democrats to feed your hungry foot soldiers?