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John Bolton: An Obama Win Means Nuclear Armageddon; We’ve Got To Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran

Reported by Ellen - September 20, 2008 -

FOX News contributor John Bolton was the sole guest on Hannity & Colmes last night (9/19/8) to fearmonger discuss the situation with Iran. Like nearly every issue on FOX News, it was soon framed as an attack on Democrats. But in a new variation on an old theme, Bolton suggested that a Barack Obama victory would spur an Iranian-induced nuclear holocaust. The only viable alternative presented by Bolton (and there was no other expert) was a military strike. Peace through war or else! With video.

Bolton, it must be noted, has a history of supporting wars he avoided fighting. So it’s not surprising that he would advocate for more Americans to die in a new war without him. He told substitute conservative co-host Rich Lowry (another chickenhawk), “I think (Iran has) basically won the diplomatic struggle. They’ve strung out the Europeans for five years of fruitless negotiations, the net net of which is that Iran is now five years closer to nuclear weapons... So I think we’ve played the diplomatic option out and it’s now Iran, basically, unimpeded in its effort to acquire deliverable nuclear weapons capability.”

Lowry wasted no time using that alarmist sentiment for political ends. He asked what the effect would be “on this crisis if Barack Obama did indeed win and did indeed follow through on high-level meetings he’s talking about?”

They might as well have played the old LBJ Daisy commercial but with Sarah Palin’s family instead of a generic little girl counting the petals. The message was the same -- except that FOX News’ Bolton was trying to scare viewers into voting for someone who would start a war, not prevent one. Bolton said about an Obama victory, “I think at that point the Iranians would simply proceed to acquire the nuclear weapons capability that they’ve been after and the real issue would be whether, if Israel has an effective government by that point, they would undertake military action. We’re VERY (his emphasis) close to the point where Iran can use the threat of nuclear weapons to great advantage in the region and around the world, perhaps even delivering such a weapon to nuclear terrorists. So the options facing the United States and Israel at this point are really very unattractive and very limited.”

Bolton claimed that a military option was “unattractive” yet he has repeatedly (chicken)hawked it on the air.

During his turn with Bolton, Alan Colmes pointed out that on Monday, five former Secretaries of State, from both Parties, came forward to advocate for talks with Iran. “Are they all wrong?” Colmes asked.

Yes, Bolton thought they were. “I think we’ve exhausted the diplomatic option,” he repeated. “I think we’re left with unattractive alternatives because of Iran’s progress.”

Colmes asked, “So if all the diplomatic options are gone... what do we do? ... Do we go to war?”

Bolton turned coy. “No, I think it’s very unattractive.” Then he immediately said, “I do think we have to look at the use of military force because the option of Iran with nuclear weapons is even more unattractive.”