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Fox News Has A New Best Girlfriend

Reported by Priscilla - September 19, 2008 -

Fox News, as “America’s Newsroom,” is the champion of the “common man” and small town America (according to Sarah Palin the only part of America that matters) where folks shop at Walmart and don’t eat fancy, “foreign,” food. Fox pundits (who live not in small town America; but in posh NY suburbs) mock Barack Obama for preferring arugula to a nice, greasy, hamburger. They mocked John Kerry for being too French (could never figure that one out!). They denigrate all those godless heathens who live in the teaming flesh pots of San Francisco and New York City as “elitist” degenerates. That’s why their new best gal pal is interesting as she’s not a rugged frontierswoman - but a “baroness” who spends her time between New York and London. But her wealthy, European affectations are no problem for Fox because she, a major fund raiser for Hillary Clinton, is now supporting John McCain. And that’s why the three morning right wing stooges were bowing and scraping to Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild.

Lady Lynn is making the rounds of Fox News. In addition to being interviewed by Neil Cavuto, she was a guest on yesterday’s Fox&Friends. The questions and responses were straight out of Fox central casting. Former weather reader and MENSA member Steve Doocy began the interview by invoking the “left as attacker” meme in “joking” that the “left is taking shots at you.” She joked about having to wear a bullet proof vest. She then reassured the Fox “heartland” by stating that she is not a former liberal as she is a centrist who feels that the Democratic Party has gone too far to the left. As if on cue, she claimed that the Democrats are beholden to far leftists like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. As if on cue, she claimed that McCain has a history of bi-partisanship and Obama has none. (Comment: nuclear proliferation, Republican Dick Lugar, hellloooo!) Without specifying which issues, she described Hillary Clinton as being seen as more moderate than Obama.

As if on cue, former weather guy Steve Doocy said that “I heard you say that Barack Obama is an elitist. She responded that elitism is a “state of mind” in which you think that you’re better than others. (Comment: the entire staff of Fox News?) Not surprisingly she added that Barack Obama thinks he’s better than the rest of us. (Comment: and Fox News anchors think they’re one of us – I don’t think so!) And to assure the Fox “heartland” that she, mistress of 3200 acre Ascott House in Buckinghamshire (in addition to other choice real estate) that she is no elitist and that Barack Obama is, she explained that there is difference between elitism and privilege. She noted that John McCain had privilege; but showed his true concern for others when he remained a POW in order to allow others to be released. (Comment: Now who is the Messiah in this scenario?! And I’d say that somebody who, rather than making millions in a top law firm, worked as a community organizer isn’t an elitist by her definition. Has the “lady” ever ventured into a tacky inner city?)

As if on cue, she added that Democratic women are attacking Sarah Palin (Comment: well, yeah, Palin’s positions are diametrically opposed to theirs). As if on cue, Doocy interjected “the National Organization of (liberal) Women.” Without mentioning abortion, de Rothschild noted that Democratic women require a “litmus test” and that as a feminist, she wants women to “achieve their dreams.” (Comment: right…all those “heartland” gals can someday be married to European “nobility.”) I will give her credit for not responding to MENSA weather guy Doocy’s question (propaganda point) “who in the Democratic Party is stabbing you in the back. The attacks are fast and furious. They hate your guts and view you as a traitor.” (Comment: in googling her name I came up with the news that she was supporting McCain and a deliciously snarky article on the Huffpo. Didn’t find any gut hating comments.) Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade’s closing comment, though, was priceless “Hillary Clinton and McCain are buddies. It would have been hard for her to run against him.”

Comment: So there you have it - A multi millionaire jet setter accusing Barack Obama, a biracial child of a single mother who was raised by white grandparents and whose Harvard degree didn’t involve “privilege,” of being an elitist. In watching this show (at any time) words of a song come to mind:

Don't you love farce?
My fault I fear.
I thought that you'd want what I want.
Sorry, my dear.
But where are the clowns?
Quick, send in the clowns.
Don't bother, they're here