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Hannity Has A Bullyboy Meltdown At Suggestion Economy Is In Trouble

Reported by Ellen - September 11, 2008 -

Multimillionaire Sean Hannity proved last night (9/10/08) on Hannity & Colmes he’s not just a loudmouthed blowhard but seriously out of touch with everyday Americans. As author and economist Robert Kuttner politely tried to discuss the economic challenges Barack Obama would face as president, Hannity had a bullyboy meltdown at the suggestion that the economy is in trouble and that ordinary Americans are in dire economic straits. But Kuttner kept his cool and refused to be intimidated. He challenged Hannity with comebacks like, “I don’t spew any goddamn line... Do you want to deny (the economy’s in dire straits), you fool?” He’s our latest top dog. With video.

The interview started out pleasantly with Alan Colmes probing the thesis of Kuttner's new book, Obama's Challenge, that Obama will need to be a “transformative” president in order to effectively address American’s economic woes. “The economy is in such dire straits for most people,” Kuttner said.

Kuttner continued, “If people vote on whether Sarah Palin is better at shooting a moose, the Democrats are toast. And if Obama and Biden can bring the election back to the fact that the Republicans have had their shot at experimenting with letting Wall Street go nuts and it’s really harmed ordinary people, then the election turns on the economy and the Democrats win. So this is a fight about whether the election is about culture or about pocketbook issues.”

Kuttner thinks there is a narrative Democrats should use, “a narrative of the ordinary, hard-working family just getting the short end of the stick. Everything from subprime to health insurance to your pension blowing up, of your job not being secure.” He added, “And that’s a narrative that affects ordinary people. If that narrative is persuasive, the Democrats win.”

Apparently, that was just too much for Hannity’s sensitive widdle feewings. But with Hannity, sensitivity is always a one-way street. He welcomed the guest by beginning his portion of the interview by saying bombastically, “Oh, stop it. Oh, stop it. This is garbage you’re spewing here.”

Kuttner was soft-spoken but unflappable. “No name calling yet. You’ll get your turn in a minute.”

“Great American” Hannity showed just how much respect he truly has for his fellow citizens by saying with great disgust, “This is a pro-Obama book.”

“But I’m not here to be Obama’s...” Kuttner began.

“Oh, stop it,” Hannity continued.

“I’m not here to be insulted, either,” Kuttner said. “You’re doing RNC talking points.”

Ooh, that really got to Ol’ Bullyboy. “I don’t have any RNC – these are HANNITY talking points,” he said. He waved his papers like Joseph McCarthy. “I write the talking points.”

Kuttner said, “Oh, yeah, right.”

“You spew this line...” Hannity began.

Kuttner retorted, “I don’t spew any goddamn line. Stop insulting me or I’m walking off the set.”

“Go ahead! Go! Good-bye! Leave! I don’t care! Go right ahead! Walk off!” The host with the leastest responded. But he kept talking. “You said the economy’s in dire straits.”

“Do you want to deny that, you fool?” Kuttner said.

Hannity suddenly started calling him, “Sir.”

“Sir my butt,” Kuttner rejoined.

Oooh, the Bullyboy was angry now. He started counting off on his fingers in an effort to prove just how good our economic times really are. “Unemployment in this country has been lower than the last four decades. Economic growth in the last quarter was 3.3%. Interest rates’ inflation have been lower in the Bush years than they’ve been in the last three decades and YOU are trying to convince the people of America that something is (unintelligible).” Of course, those stats are of no comfort to the rising numbers of people facing foreclosures, medical bills they can't afford, unavailable health insurance, job layoffs, skyrocketing gas prices and vanishing pensions. Not that Hannity worries about those things. His only worry in life seems to be doing whatever he can to stop Barack Obama being elected president.

“Do I get a turn to talk?” Kuttner interrupted. Hannity graciously allowed him one. Kuttner said, “If you can persuade the American people that the average family is doing great, your guy deserves to win the election. But I don’t think the American people are that stupid.”

As Hannity continued to try to argue that everything Kuttner was arguing was “based on a lie,” Kuttner said, “It’s based on people’s own lives. People’s health insurance are going up in smoke, people’s pensions are going up in smoke, people’s jobs are being exported to China, unemployment is 6.1% and rising, the administration is bailing out Wall Street because of Republican deregulation... If you think the economy is great, you campaign on that.”

Hannity couldn’t even muster up the good manners to thank Kuttner for being on the show.

By the way, I don’t think Hannity's behavior is going to help him get Obama on his show any time soon.

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