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Obama Looks Presidential Despite Bill O'Reilly's Efforts

Reported by Deborah - September 10, 2008 -

O'Reilly opened Part IV of his interview with Senator Obama with the announcement that OPEC plans to cut oil production to raise prices. Expressing a sudden concern for poor Americans who can't heat their homes this winter, O'Reilly declared that OPEC must be punished. Then when Obama tried to describe his extensive alternative energy plan that would certainly punish OPEC, O'Reilly ridiculed it and started the Republican cry for drilling. Can the man be any more obvious?

Determined to come out of this interview experience looking like the big, bad tough guy who flattened the opposition, O'Reilly needed to rely on performance technique. Barack Obama is just too skillful and well prepared to succumb to his usual tactics. Also O'Reilly realized that Obama has substance to back up his campaign rhetoric which made BOR's job even more difficult.

The portion offered tonight made O'Reilly look very foolish and unprofessional. It seems that trashing wildlife and the environment is considered cool in the Palin obsessed world of the GOP.Fortunately, Obama countered the partisan jibes with a very calm but potent defense of our wilderness areas.

When Obama talked about his plans to get help from Europe, O'Reilly could only offer a wisecrack about using a "magic wand". Then Obama foiled his intentions more with his astute observations about Putin. In reality, the only way O'Reilly could keep Obama from looking good was to keep him from talking and at that task, BOR succeeded quite well.