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FOX News Democrat Kirsten Powers: Sarah Palin Is The Embodiment Of Feminism. We Should Be Excited About Her Candidacy Even If You Don’t Support Her

Reported by Ellen - September 6, 2008 -

Kirsten Powers is another FOX News Democrat playing along with the GOP handbook on Sarah Palin. Powers lauded Palin's candidacy, overlooked the many disturbing aspects of her record and attacked Democrats and the media for being too harsh on her. Despite Palin’s dismal record on women’s issues, Powers held her up on last night's (9/5/08) Hannity & Colmes as “the embodiment of feminism” and lashed out at Democrats who have criticized her. With just a few changes in wording, Powers could easily have passed for a Republican. With video.

As Think Progress lays out, Palin has radical views that are completely out of step with mainstream America; she's doing her best to stonewall an Alaska state investigation into whether or not she broke the law and abused her power; she has repeatedly been untruthful about her professional history; and she has ties to an Alaska secessionist group whose motto, "Alaska First," contradicts her own campaign's "America First" motto – not to mention that her personal life is at odds with some of the conservative values she espouses.

Naturally, Palin has downplayed those aspects of her life and who could blame her? But what’s the excuse of the FOX News Democrats who repeatedly overlook those very serious issues and, more often than not, make a point of praising her?

And while those meanie media attacks on Palin were endlessly rehashed on Hannity & Colmes, Palin's sneering, dishonest attacks on Barach Obama were never discussed.

“I’ve had it with their effort to destroy this innocent woman,” Hannity Hanctimoniously proclaimed.

Powers, supposedly there to offer the Democratic viewpoint, offered a tepid, at best, defense. “Well, I think the destruction is mostly on the part of the media. I don’t think Barack Obama’s had really much to do with it and I think Harry Reid’s comment (calling her ‘shrill,’ according to Hannity) was very unfortunate, obviously.”

From there Powers went on a tear against the National Organization for Women, complaining that they’re really the national organization for liberal women. Comment: Powers may be right; I have no idea. But with so much at stake in this election and with a candidate like Palin, was that really the most important issue on Powers’ plate?

Powers continued, “Look, this woman, when I look at her, even if I don’t support her, a lot of her policies, she is the embodiment of what feminism is all about. She’s a working mother, she’s successful, her husband helps with the children. We should be excited about this, even if you don’t support her.”

Excited? I don’t know about you, Kirsten, but I’m scared to death that this unqualified, disonest radical might wind up a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Hannity was on his sensitivity soapbox all night. “I find the attacks unprecedented, insulting, degrading, sexist, mean-spirited, hateful, and it’s gotta stop,” he said. Not that he has ever minded the most vile and unwarranted attacks against Democrats, even when they occurred right on his show.

Bay Buchanan, the other guest, agreed. Conveniently forgetting all the hatemongers on her side such as Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin and countless others, Buchanan said, “It’s the most outrageous thing I have seen in politics.”

Buchanan went on to call the inexperienced Palin, “extraordinarily competent and smart and accomplished.”

Palin may be competent and smart but get a gander at how amateurish she sounds during this stump speech with John McCain earlier in the day. She’s good with the mean-spirited attacks (funny, how neither Hannity, Buchanan or even Powers had a problem with those) but when Palin starts talking about policy, she sounds like a high school student reading something she doesn't understand.

Sadly, even Alan Colmes was quiet about Palin’s glaring deficiencies and the frightening implications of her radical agenda concealed under her all-American-girl get up. He asked Buchanan, “Have you forgotten all the attacks on Barack Obama? He’s a Muslim.. He goes to the wrong church. He knows all the wrong people.”

Hannity could not keep quiet, even though it was not his turn. “Not by Republicans,” Hannity said. Oh, no? Maybe not Republican politicians but Hannity, himself, along with a host of FOX News pundits have been some of the biggest Obama-smearers out there.

Colmes suggested to Powers that maybe NOW should be discerning about who it supports rather than to just blindly support any and every woman just because they’re women.

Powers forfeited her opening to talk about the important reasons one might not support Palin in order to continue her attack on NOW. Finally, Powers said, “Like I said, I don’t support Sarah Palin,” leading me to hope she might finally say something on behalf of Democrats. But no. Powers never said a word about what she disagreed with in Palin’s platform.

Instead, Powers now turned against Democrats and Ed Schultz. “But I’m sorry,” she continued. “I find it offensive the way that (Palin has) been talked about and I agree with what Bay just said. The way that she has been attacked and the Democrats are coming out and saying that she – you have a liberal radio host, Ed Schultz, going on CNN, referring to ‘bimbo alerts.’ The governor of Alaska, saying that she’s not a good mother because, you know, her daughter got pregnant. I mean, it is so far out of bounds.”

I guess we can expect similar outrage from Powers over the next round of malicious smears by Hannity and FOX News against Barack Obama, right? Don’t hold your breath.

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