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Outrageous Quote of the Week 8/30/08

Reported by Chrish - September 2, 2008 -

We might have to change the weekly post to "most mind-boggling" or "clinically insane" if this keeps up. Last week Dick Morris won almost half the vote for asserting "We went into Iraq at the invitation of the government, not as an invasion." For this week's lunacy, see after the jump.

Option A: "Girls are making more than guys. Girls control nearly 60% of the wealth of this country. And if you want to look at the real oppressors, you look at who lives longer, who, on whom most of the health dollars are spent, and who eats more." Roy Den Hollander, Your World w/Neil Cavuto, 8/20/08

Option B: "Now, every idiot in the country remembers that eight years ago they [Bush and McCain] ran against each other. So how much alike could they be? And McCain has disagreed with Bush on almost everything." Dick Morris, Your World w/Neil Cavuto, 8/28/08

Option C: "Senator Barack Obama: he tried to make his case to more than 75,000 supporters during his nomination acceptance speech last night but was it enough or was it just slogans and bumper stickers and platitudes and liberal cliches?" Sean Hannity, Hannity and Colmes, 8/29/08

Option D: "I don't think it's going to work because I think Obama, ah, people... I think, if I may say so, there's just too many people who are not going to vote for a black candidate. But, ah, especially a black angry candidate. I hate to say that because I abhor racism but I don't think it's going to work for that reason." ... "Okay, and it is your opinion that you find Barack Obama an angry black man." Ben Stein and Neil Cavuto, respectively, Your World, 8/30/08

Option E: "I stand by my comments on the Michelle Obama dress; bluish-green is not the color for these women." Megyn Kelly, 8/27/08