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Fox Says it First: Barack Obama is an ANGRY Black Man

Reported by Melanie - August 30, 2008 -

To date, the Republicans have implied that Barack Obama is an angry black man — think Reverend Jeremiah Wright to name one instance — but as far as I know, nobody in the "main stream media" has blatantly referred to him as one, envoking a myriad of mostly media-generated, scary images and thoughts in the minds of white American voters.

But today (August 30, 3008) it happened. On Fox. Of course. Almost exactly 24 hours after John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his VP, making references to Obama's "youth" and "inexperience" unusable, Ben Stein opened the door to the angry black man meme.

It happened on Cavuto on Business, one of Fox's "Cost of Freedom" block of Saturday morning "business news" shows. The cast members were partaking in a round table discussion about whether Obama is "attacking the American dream" (homeownership) by "bashing McCain's wealth." (This is where Fox has taken the issue of McCain forgetting how many homes he owns and Democrats calling him on it as an indication that he is out of touch with not only his own life but with the lives of average Americans.)

Cavuto turned to Ben Stein and asked, "Well, Ben, Ben Stein, you are a great student of political history. Is this the time and moment a populist campaign could work and would work and will work?"

Stein: "Ah, it could work. I don't think it's going to work because I think Obama, ah, people... I think, if I may say so, there's just too many people who are not going to vote for a black candidate. But, ah, especially a black angry candidate. I hate to say that because I abhor racism but I don't think it's going to work for that reason. [...]"

(Watch the video below. It's as if someone was yelling in Stein's ear, after he said "black candidate," to use the word angry. So he repeated "black candidate" and inserted the word "angry" in between.)

(Back and forth between Stein and Charles Payne.)

Wrapping up, Cavuto repeated (in case you missed it) and "clarified" what Stein said, rephrasing in language we've all heard a hundred times before: "Okay, and it is your opinion that you find Barack Obama an angry black man."

Here's video:

Comment: So, it's official. 24 hours after McCain's primary argument against Obama's presidency became moot, Fox News inaugurates the use of the term "angry black man."