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McCain ad floats "HANG" over Obama's head

Reported by Chrish - August 28, 2008 -

A FOX affiliate has aired an ad from the McCain camp that includes a one-second shot of Barack Obama with the word "HANG" visible in the background (at :15 in video below). The producers claim it is a coincidence that the letters "C" and "E" were blackened out from supporters' holding up Obama's signature "Change" but skeptics say there are no coincidences.
With video.

In other frames of the commercial you can see the odd shape blacked out that enables the word "hang" to appear in the relevant frarmes, but also notice that in other sections of the ad the smudging is the more traditional oval. Personally, I can't believe that it is an honest error and John McCain should pull the ad, denounce it, and not use that company again. If he doesn't, we can assume he condones such dirty tricks.

H/T RawStory.