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Dick Morris Says If Gustav Hits the Gulf, and McCain Goes There Immediately, it Will "Blow Apart" the "Theme" of the DNC That McCain and Bush Are One

Reported by Melanie - August 28, 2008 -

Oh, and McCain "disagreed with Bush on almost everything."

In a few short minutes during Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (August 28, 2008), Dick Morris showed just how absolutely insane, and I mean insane, this campaign is going to get. Read the text, below. I'll have video up ASAP. Video is up! This is slap your forehead, roll your eyes, shake your head unbelievable.

(I didn't want every other word to be [sic] so I left them out. These guys were speaking in a, ah, let's say, casual manner.)

Cavuto: "Alright. [Tropical storm] Gustav and John McCain. Think about it. Connection? What connection?"

Morris: "By the way, I just want to mention: Who is the guy that decides that the next storm is Hanna, not Hillary?"

Cavuto, "But, now, how, you say there is a political, because you have the big convention, right?"

Morris: "Yeah, there is. Well, because of Katrina and the big negative on Bush is how insensitive he was and that and how removed and stayed on vacation. If that storm [Gustav] hits those poor people in Louisiana or anywhere in the Gulf, John McCain needs to get in a plane and go there. Now, his advisers will say oh, don't because, ah, you disrupt the rescue operations. Heck with that. Nobody's going to understand that. But if John McCain shows a hands-on concern in a way that George Bush didn't, he can demonstrate the difference between himself and Bush, in a graphic instant, that will blow apart the theme of this convention, which is that Bush and McCain are one."

Cavuto: "Alright. There's also the possibility, the President and the Vice President, who are to speak on the first night of the convention, might not because of this, right?"

Morris: "Oh. Them?"

Cavuto: "Right. Right. So you're saying if the McCain folks can quickly disassociate themselves from what Bill Clinton said would be a third Bush term, they're off to the races?"

Morris: "Yeah. The bolt that is holding this thing together, or some would say the screw, is that McCain and um, Bush, are seen as one. Or they're trying to portray it. Now, every idiot in the country remembers that eight years ago they ran against each other. So how much alike could they be? And McCain has disagreed with Bush on almost everything❊. And if Bush and McCain move apart -- McCain's already got the nomination, he doesn't have to worry about that -- then everything they've said in the last three days here is moot."


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Here's video:

❊ Must be the talking point of the day: Ingraham: McCain Has Been ‘Different From President Bush On Every Issue’

Tomorrow is McCain's 72nd birthday. Three years ago, as Katrina struck, he and Bush ate cake together in Arizona. Here's a picture.

And McCain has been different from Bush on every issue? Yeah. Right.

FACT: McCain voted with Bush 95% of the time.