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FOX Friends line-up reads like who's who in right-wing politics

Reported by Chrish - August 27, 2008 -

The overarching theme on FOX and Friends this morning 8/27/08 was that Hillary Clinton's speech was excellent, for her and the Democratic Party, but not so much for Barack Obama. Even faced with the reality of Clinton giving her full support to Obama and urging party unity for a win in November, FOX and friends are still pushing the meme that she does not fully support him, the party remains divided, and McCain is forging ahead even as the Democratic convention is in process. Also repeatedly mentioned was the talking point that after seeing how fantastic Hillary was last night a lot of party members might be suffering "buyers' remorse." Fairandbalanced hosted Rudy Giuliani and Karl Rove, simultaneously, to reinforce the view.
With video.

Michelle Malkin made an appearance, more to play victim, mock protesters appearing outside the convention and to declare "Re-create '68" a failure. She was not well received except by "the business people." Terry McCauliffe was also seen in a pre-recorded and edited featurette as he and Brian Kilmeade meandered through the convention hall floor. (I guess that was the "balance" portion of the hour and a half I watched.)

Donald Trump phoned in and praised Hillary's speech and reiterated the buyers' remorse meme, and added that his colleagues at the "mogulteria" (a Kilmeade coinage, natch) would support McCain, because of his taxing policies. In this fragile economy, "the worst thing that can happen is 'everybody' has to pay double and triple the taxes, and that's what Obama's looking to do..." It was not clarified that the "everybody" he referred to were his fellow moguls, not average people.

Shortly after that, Dick Morris appeared to critique Hillary's speech, as he is FOX's expert on all things Clinton. He said her speech was fabulous, and as such, hurt Obama. (You just gotta laugh and shake your head - they are all on the same page, repeating it and willing it to be true.) Her appearance makes people wonder why she's not on the ticket, Joe Biden won't be half as good, and Bill - Bill! - is such a loose cannon, there's no telling what he'll do. They commented on how distant from the stage he was and speculated that Hillary is angry with him and blames him for her loss.

Half an hour after that, Rove and Giuliani appeared to make the same points yet again, in two segments.

Fair and balanced, ayuh. The whole show consisted of contortions to bash Obama, sow division, and oh yeah, a few "let's talk about Republicans" and segments about McCain - who is going to announce his VP selection Friday at noon, early enough to make the evening news and nudge Obama from center stage. No one's ever accused Republicans of being too classy. And there were repeated references to a new Gallup poll that has McCain ahead of Obama, but no reference to the dozens of others which have Obama in the lead.

Need we even say that FOX is in the tank for McCain?