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FOX overlooks McCain's wealth, real estate

Reported by Chrish - August 21, 2008 -

Newshounds, has reported on the seeming contradiction of FOX News repeatedly bringing up former candidates' magnificent homes and wealth, to portray them as elitists and hypocrites, yet failing to inform of the McCains' multiple holdings. Not coincidentally, the candidates so derided were Democrats: John Kerry, John Edwards, Al Gore spring immediately to mind. We've noted the McCains own ten homes across the country, from oceanfront condos to a suburban "ranch." In fact, they have so many properties John McCain can't keep track and referred inquiring reporters to his staff.

As they did with George Bush, FOX is falsely portraying a wealthy, elite, out of touch insider as an "everyman," a working outdoorsy guy, a cowboy/maverick. What a double standard they use, between proclamations of fairandbalanced!