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“Campaign” Carl Cameron Spins McCain’s Abortion Views And Makes Us Very Dizzy

Reported by Priscilla - August 15, 2008 -

On last night’s (August 15th) Special Report, Carl Cameron reported on some of the issues discussed by John McCain during his appearance at the non partisan Aspen Institute. For those viewers who aren’t sure about what’s going on in the Caucasus, a clip of McCain’s statement regarding how Russia is trying to reestablish its old empire was played. Neither played nor reported were “tough questions” asked at the gathering such as McCain flip flopping on tax policies and the religious right. (Comment: pesky details ignored by Fox News). In responding to a question from Bret Baier regarding McCain’s vice presidential picks “raising eyebrows,” Cameron then segued into a brief discussion of something that is causing a great deal of angst in the right wing world – the possibility of McCain selecting (oh gasp!) a pro-choice vice presidential candidate.

Cameron said that McCain won’t rule out a pro-choice running mate which, according to Cameron, “is not entirely inconsistent with McCain’s pro-life views and statements last week that it would be difficult to name someone who is pro-choice.” (Comment: I’m experiencing severe vertigo!) Cameron continued with information that, while inconsistent with the possible selection of a pro-choice VP, was obviously meant to assuage all those good conservatives who are in a tizzy about McCain’s possible straying from the right wing orthodoxy. He noted that McCain wants to keep the anti abortion plank in the Republican platform. Cameron didn’t mention that McCain, once upon a time, wanted to modify the platform to include exceptions for rape and incest. Cameron also commented that McCain’s website still includes the statement that Roe was “bad law.” And to calm down those with “raised eyebrows,” Cameron concluded, in another vertigo inducing right turn, that “while he hasn’t ruled it out, it’s not anything anyone thinks is likely.”

Without noting that former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is a Fox employee, Cameron then reported that Huckabee told the Weekly Standard that he wishes that McCain will choose somebody who is pro-life. Cameron referenced Huckabee’s comments that folks are uncomfortable with Mitt Romney’s previous statements regarding choice. Huckabee also said that while he doesn’t have a problem with Mormonism, there are many evangelicals who do. (Comment: hmmm, trouble in republican paradise????)

Comment: If Cameron really wanted to calm those conservatives, currently in a tizzy, he could have reported on McCain’s recent comments, in a tizzy inducing interview re abortion, to the Weekly Standard that the Republican Party could exclude those who support gay rights. Guess that means no Bloomberg, Giuliani, or Lieberman. But as far as those who support abortion rights (and there are republicans who do) who knows!!! It’s all very confusing; but I have confidence that Fox, in explaining it all for us, will keep on spinning till we all fall down!