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A Firestorm Erupts As Colmes Compares McCain's Infidelity To Edwards'

Reported by Ellen - August 13, 2008 -

Big props to Alan Colmes for pointing out the similarities between John Edwards' infidelity and John McCain's and asking why Edwards is unfit for public office as a result but McCain is not. After soundly denouncing Edwards as unworthy of the presidency because he broke his marriage vows to an ailing wife, none of the conservatives could come up with a decent explanation about why McCain’s similar behavior was any less despicable. Sean Hannity was so flustered that he repeatedly tried to interrupt Colmes and carried the argument over to the next segment. More props to Colmes for refusing to back down. With video.

In an unbalanced panel, the three conservatives (two guests plus Hannity) worked themselves into a self-righteous lather of sanctimony against John Edwards that included attacks on the so-called liberal media for not going after him harder. It was obvious they were completely unprepared for Colmes' very apt comparison of Edwards to McCain.

Chris Wilson, Republican pollster, said, “(Edwards is) running for president on moral values. His wife has been diagnosed with cancer and yet this is a man that we’re going to trust of leading the free world? ...That’s why this is an issue.”

Hannity smacked his hands together as he said, “If you can’t keep a promise to your family, can’t keep a promise to your wife, you’re having an affair, you’re lying about the affair repeatedly. Why should the American people trust you when you say you’re not gonna lie to them? Why should we trust you?”

“That’s a great question Sean asked,” Colmes said as he began his turn. To conservative Amanda Carpenter, Colmes asked, “Amanda, if that’s true, you can’t trust somebody who had an affair, how can we trust John McCain to be president of the United States since he cheated, by his own admission, on his first wife? He didn’t keep his marital vows. He didn’t keep his pledge to his first family.”

That’s when the fireworks started. Carpenter dodged the question by saying it's an issue that has been thoroughly vetted. Wilson made the laughable claim that Edwards had attacked Clinton for cheating on his wife. Hannity had a major hissy fit (most likely because he had been caught red-handed with his own hypocrisy) and insisted that McCain’s behavior should be viewed through the lens of having returned home from being a POW.

The producers clanged a bell to stop the argument at the end of the show.

So what’s Hannity's excuse for Rudy Giuliani's infidelity? Please consider writing Hannity and asking him. I already have. His email address is [email protected].

Please also consider sending props to Colmes. He’s gotten some serious flack from some viewers. He deserves the support. You can reach him at [email protected].

Last week, after an entire show devoted to Edwards' extramarital affair, I complained that nobody had brought up John McCain. I hereby eat my words.