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“Grapevine” Reports Victory In The War On Labor Day – Waged By The Forces Of Islam

Reported by Priscilla - August 11, 2008 -

There should be no doubt about Fox’s “agenda” when it comes to the “Grapevine” which is right wing propaganda framed in short information bits with no detailed analysis or contravening opinion. The mission for Grapevine is to provide right wing talking points as fact and these “facts” include a not so healthy dose of “information” that would appear to paint Islam in as unfavorable a light as possible. Be it British acquiescence to Sharia or “terrorist” texts in a Virginia school, it’s all about showing why Fox viewers should be afraid of the Islamic “agenda” – just one of many “agendas” and “wars” which Fox News has a mission (“fear factor”) to warn us about and which God fearing Fox fans have an obligation to fight. Friday’s (August 8th) “Grapevine” had an item, making the rounds of the right wing hateosphere, which alerted the Fox crusaders that while the war is still waging, a battle has been won in the War Against Labor Day.

The issue involves a union agreement between Tyson Foods and its workers. Tyson agreed to drop Labor Day as a paid holiday and substitute the Muslim holiday, Eid al-Fatr in order to accommodate the many Muslims at the Shelbyville, Tennessee plant. This decision was met by an uproar in the right wing and its hate media mouthpieces (here and here, among others) Not surprisingly, the locals were deeply offended. In a region not noted for sympathy for unions, local politicians said "For over a hundred years, Labor Day has stood as a symbol to honor the working men and women of this country. But for the past few years traditions like Labor Day have been under attack. This time it's gone too far and we, as patriotic Americans, must draw our line in the sand." Another comment was that "We must stand up for working people of Shelbyville, Bedford County, and all Tennesseans, stand up to defend our heritage, rights and privileges in celebrating the American Worker for all that they have done to make this country great!" (Comment: The reason for the switch was to accommodate workers!) Bedford country mayor Eugene Ray said that his constituents were “concerned and upset.”

But don’t worry. As a result of the forces of concerned American crusaders against the Islamic peril, a new deal was struck and this is what was reported on the “Grapevine.” Bret Baier reported the announced “agreement that instead increases the number of paid holidays to include both Labor Day and the Muslim festival. Employees will have nine paid holidays this year instead of eight.” Not surprisingly, Baier ended the segment with a little sour grape guaranteed to leave a bad taste: Last year between 250 and 400 Somali employees did not show up for work on Eid al-Fitr. (Comment: See, those Muslims are slackers)

Comment: There’s a bit of irony here. First, the workers got one more holiday as a result of the “outrage” by those who would seek to curtail union benefits and who have problems with “foreigners”– especially Muslims. The second is that the conservative outrage was focused on a holiday which was originally organized by groups which now are held in contempt by the conservative right wing. Third, it was the same kind of conservative paranoia which placed the holiday in September rather than the first of May – a day that was favored by many in the union movement. But because of the “socialist” connections with May Day, the September date was chosen. Lastly, the right wing is celebrating it’s “saving” of Labor Day – a “victory” tinged with all the ugly bigotry and narrow-mindedness that Fox News is always happy to aid and abet!