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Beltway Boys ask "Has Obama Lost His Luster?"

Reported by Deborah - August 11, 2008 -

Fred Barnes and Jeff Birnbaum were on message on Saturday's Beltway Boys, 8/9, with claims that Barack Obama has " lost his luster" while John McCain is shimmering anew. There was only one side represented, Republican, and no effort made to appear "fair and balanced". According to the B Boys, Obama is a "falling star" and rough and ready John McCain is standing by.

Although the Beltway Boy audience is probably ready to believe anything about Obama, as long as it's negative, Barnes and Birnbaum managed to manufacture reasons for "potential Obama fatigue". Some of the evidence was sculpted to make their point and some just partisan jabs. It seems anything goes, on Fox News, when it comes to Obama..

After the obligatory poll analysis , they claimed Democrats didn't think Obama was hitting back hard enough. ( McCain's recent gutter campaign tactics were not mentioned) After showing the recent McCain ad which was filled with lies about Obama, Fred Barnes very quickly prevented Birnbaum from commenting by declaring McCain the ad winner.

Barnes jumped in with a comparison of Obama in front of 200,000 in Berlin and McCain in front of 50,000 bikers declaring that a clear win for McCain. Birnbaum added that McCain won for "macho" and included a Kerry reference to drive the point home. Neither discussed Senator Macho McCain urging his wife to enter the biker's topless beauty contest.

Barnes noted that Obama has no sense of humor like McCain. Too bad he didn't give viewers some examples of the jokes McCain liked to tell at a Capitol Hill bar reported in Capitol Hill Blue.