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Cavuto Uses Paris Hilton's McCain Video to Promote Drilling and Bash Democrats

Reported by Melanie - August 8, 2008 -

I couldn't believe this one -- Neil Cavuto took the ad Paris Hilton made in response to John McCain's ad against Barack Obama -- and aired (August 6, 2008) a tiny piece of it, never explaining where it came from or putting it in context in any way whatsoever, and he used it against Democrats (leaving out Hilton's references to wrinkly, white haired John, of course). These guys are somethin' else.

Over a chyron that read, "Paris Gets It: Why Can't Congress?," Cavuto opened the segment with: "Well, forget congress. Would you believe that Paris Hilton may have the answer to America's energy crisis? Why don't we take a look at this:"

Video of Hilton: "Okay. So here's my energy policy. Barack wants to focus on technologies to cut foreign oil dependency, and McCain wants off-shore drilling. Well why don't we do a hybrid of both candidates' ideas. We can do limited off-shore drilling with strict environmental oversight while creating tax incentives to get Detroit making hybrid and electric cars. That way the off-shore drilling carries us until the new technologies kick in which would then create new jobs and energy independence. Energy crisis solved. Bye {blows kiss)."

Back to Cavuto: "I just want to say officially on this show, I want to make Paris Hilton president of the United States, because clearly she gets it. Why can't congress? From the star of a Simple Life a very simple, alarmingly, deceptively simple solution. Drill now until all of those fuel efficient cars are ready. With us now, Democratic congressman Frank Pallone of New Jersey who opposes additional off-shore drilling. Congressman, Paris gets it. Why don't you?"

With that, Cavuto introduced New Jersey Democratic congressman Frank Pallone, who should have immediately shot down Cavuto's implication that if we okayed drilling, suddenly and immediately we'd be flooded with tons of cheap gas. But no. Pallone, who came off like an idiot because he kept calling Cavuto "Nick," went on about the 68 million acres that oil companies already have leases on, etc., and the discussion devolved into a screaming match between he and "Nick," who, though he says he wants to "do everything," is obsessed with drilling.

Here's video:

Comment: Only on Fox, you know. Only on Fox would they air a few seconds of a video that is the talk of the day, protect John McCain by cutting the parts that trash him, and not put the ad into context. "We report, you decide?" Yeah, right.