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“Grapevine” Plays The Muslim Fear Factor Card - Again

Reported by Priscilla - July 29, 2008 -

Fox News does love to scapegoat and has a lengthy list of those groups and countries that don’t pass right wing muster. The “us vs. them” meme is frequently directed at Islam which, in the last month, has appeared several times in the “Grapevine.” The “them” also included, until the election of Sarkosy, France; but since then, Britain seems to have taken it’s place. The xenophobia is far more subtle than the Francophobia exhibited by Fox and it’s jingoistic pundits who were upset that France wasn’t part of George Bush’s not so excellent Iraqi adventure. As such, there were “jokes” and even a boycott of all things French. No, the British thing isn’t as direct – after all the Brits were part of that willing coalition. It seems that they’re getting a little too tolerant of Islam. As such, Fox needs to do a “wag of the finger” and in so doing, show the creeping danger of the Muslim “peril” which is being illustrated by a “study” which purports to demonstrate this very “fact.”

Earlier this month, “Grapevine” had several “information” pieces on Islam in Britain which I wrote about here. The “creeping Sharia” meme, involving judges and non Muslims, was in play. July 17th had a piece about the Archbishop of Canterbury “apologizing for his faith.” In calling for Christians and Muslims to work together, he had the audacity to say that "Christianity has been promoted at the point of the sword and legally supported by extreme sanctions." (Comment: how very radical!) Of course, “Grapevine” did not include the Reverend Doctor’s comment that Islam “has been supported in the same way and 'there is no religious tradition whose history is exempt from such temptation and such failure.” But last night (July 28th) contained a “study” (Comment: “red flag”) about how “almost one-third of British Muslim students believe that killing in the name of Islam can be justified.” Seems that this conclusion was reached after the British Center for Social Cohesion interviewed 1400 Muslim and non Muslim students and of this group 32% believed that killing in the name of Islam was justified. The results, which also show that 40% support the introduction of Sharia into British law and 33% supported a worldwide caliphate, lead one of the study’s authors, to say that "These results are deeply embarrassing for those who have said there is no extremism in British universities." As that was the end of the segment, the viewer is left with the view that there is “extremism” in British academia. (Comment: be scared)

Comment: The British Center for Social Cohesion is supposedly non partisan; but its director, Douglas Murray authored a book “Neo-conservatism, why we need it.” The Center appears to be concerned exclusively with the dangers of Islam and its publications all seem to support this view. Of course, “Grapevine” did not include the response of Muslim students which could also be a description of Fox News and its insidious “Grapevine:”

“The latest report on British Muslim students by the Centre for Social Cohesion serves only to strengthen bigots and demagogues keen to sow discord amongst British people. The authors of the report cannot hide behind a purportedly scientific survey to justify their own agenda of creating anything but cohesion in society. We refer to more concrete polling data that illustrate the commitment British Muslims have to British society and the people around them. The authors cite their unsatisfactory sampling to extrapolate ideological and biased conclusions to serve their own divisive ends.”