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Guess Who Gets An UP On Beltway Boys

Reported by Deborah - July 27, 2008 -

The Beltway Boys, 7/26, decided that John McCain deserved an UP in their weekly Ups and Downs segment for being one point behind Obama despite what Fred Barnes described as Obama's "summer of self love". The media earned a DOWN for their "unabashed love affair" with Obama.

Barnes opined that the American people are "reacting counter intuitively" and not responding the way the media says they should react. He then predicted that the media's response would be, "How dare they react this way" even though they won't come out and say it. Kondracke reminded Barnes that Obama is winning in the electoral college race adding Karl Rove's name for added gravitas to the claim. Barnes, stymied for a moment replied, "Yeah,well okay, big deal."

Then the Boys took the media to task showing the well worn Fox News poll that 67% think the media wants Obama to win. (The fact that FOX News pushes this idea 24/7 might contribute to this.) Katie Couric received their praise for "grilling" Obama about the surge but failed to bring up Couric's repair of a McCain comment. After chuckling over John Stewart, Fred Barnes wondered if the media would continue "love bombing" Obama until the election.