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Conservatively biased from the ground up segment with Doocy and Lichter decrying liberal media bias

Reported by Chrish - July 25, 2008 -

FOX and Friends presented S. Robert Lichter of the Center for Media and Public Affairs as a "non-partisan" source to decry to media's "love affair" with Barack Obama and its overall liberal bias. It is notable that he is the FOX go-to guy to endorse these supposed facts; Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting or Media Matters are not only not presented as legitimate alternative perspectives on media matters, they are widely mocked and slandered on FOX, to the effect that they are discounted and only the CMPA's conclusions are deemed trustworthy.

Lichter is a highly educated fellow with links to the AEI whose organization was founded with funding secured in part by Pat Robertson and Pat Buchanan and whose big money donors include the Carthage, Sarah Scaife, Olin, Smith Richardson, Earhart, and Bradley Foundations, all of which support conservative causes.

Doocy cited an article in the editorially conservative Investor's Business Daily that found a disproportionate amount of political donations from people working in the media were going to Democrats over Republicans, and said if we factor out donations to Giuliani and Ron Paul, the ratio is 100:1. (What is it with them factored in? Obviously not as much. Factor out Hillary Clinton and John Edwards next, will ya?) Regardless, the article is clearly crap as the accompanying chart lists $41853 donations to Democrats from FOX/FNC employees and $0 (ZERO) to Republicans. What a ridiculously unscientifically cherry-picked piece of propaganda.

This segment was merely a repeat of segments past, reinforcing the FOX talking point that the media is liberal and biased against Republicans. This is where some facts from Media Matters could come in handy, as they've exhaustively documented the false and faulty misinformation that permeates the mainstream media. While there is undeniably a lot more coverage of Barack Obama, much of it has been negative (the whole Jeremiah Wright storyline, the constant barrage of innuendo attacking his patriotism, trustworthiness, faith, family...) while the media, claiming John McCain has been "known" for so many years, ignores delving into his personal associations. They have also given him a pass on his mounting number of factual blunders regarding the wars in the Middle East, his supposed strong point.

Supposed to demonstrate left-wing bias, the two complained about the New York Times editorial board's rejection of John McCain's most recently submitted article and insinuated it might be unprecedented. But Bill Richardson spoke with Gretchen Carlson just this past Tuesday
and said he had many a submission rejected.

This piece was an example of FOX's right-wing bias: conservative host citing conservative editorial, discussing with conservative scholar heading conservative organization funded by conservative wealth decrying liberal bias.