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Undermining Obama fact-finding mission, Day 2

Reported by Chrish - July 18, 2008 -

The trio at FOX and Friends this morning 7/18/08 revisited the issue of Barack Obama's tour of Europe and the Middle East, and the accompanying press feeding frenzy. Among the press traveling in conjunction with the fact-finding mission is Dennis Ross, a former FOX News Contributor. The Friends interviewed him by phone, and when his tone was not scathing as expected the segment was terminated.
With video.

Carlson first said that "a lot of people" are waiting to see if Obama changes his mind about troop withdrawals, eagerly anticipating an "I told you so" moment. To no one's surprise, the McCain campaign has come out against the trip, saying Obama should drop the pretense that it's a fact-finding trip and admit it's the first ever overseas campaign rally.

Ross was questioned about the size of Obama's foreign policy advisor pool (reported to be 300), wondering if that was excessive? Carlson finds it "alarming;" Bob Dole only had 200! When Ross said it was more the norm than the exception and that Obama wants a diversity of views, you can almost see Fluffy's shoulders droop, and the interview was ended shortly after.

But that wasn't the end of the segment; Doocy and Carlson got in final digs. Carlson said Obama should thank McCain for the idea for the trip, as it was McCain's "challenge" that "probably gave him the idea" that "he should probably get over there himself." Doocy snarked that Obama, after his statements about Americans needing to learn foreign languages, doesn't speak any of the languages he'll be encountering.

Yeah, well, at least he speaks English.