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FOX personalities' panel at Television Critics Association yields a few lame defenses

Reported by Chrish - July 14, 2008 -

Broadcasting and Cable is carrying an article about the recent (July 14) Television Critics Association panel of FOX News personalities, wherein Chris Wallace defends the hiring of Karl Rove despite his refusals to appear before Congress by asserting that if CNN had hired James Carville while he was (hypothetically) doing the same, nobody would make a peep. Good thing Wallace isn't in law. The article also notes John Moody's reaction to FOX and Friends recent shenanigans:

"Moody found himself on the defensive over recent antics on the network’s morning show Fox & Friends, which displayed Photoshopped images of New York Times reporter Jacques Steinberg and his editor Steven Reddicliffe.

“It was regrettable,” said Moody.

Later Moody added that he “wished” Fox & Friends “hadn’t done it. They didn’t ask me first.” But he said the incident will not result in any official standards adjustments at the show.

Moody called Fox & Friends a mix of news and entertainment but conceded that some of the “humor” on the show may not appeal to some viewers.

“Some of the humor gets edgy,” he said, “and some people don’t think it’s funny.”"

Haha, standards adjustments? That was business as usual on the most moronic show on FOX. And "some people" don't think it's funny not because it's edgy but because it's sophomoric and dumb; it's embarrassing.

What a zoo.