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John Gibson and E.D. Hill Promote Green Party As Danger To Obama

Reported by Deborah - July 12, 2008 -

John Gibson joined E.D. Hill yesterday, 7/11/08, to ponder the Green Party's nomination of Cynthia McKinney as their 2008 candidate. Gibson and Hill managed to maintain straight faces and suppress eye rolls at the news of McKinney's choice of Rosa A.Clemente, as a running mate but made every effort to dismiss her as unqualified. At the same time, they made sure to plant the idea that a McKinney/ Clemente ticket could present a threat to Obama.

Hill and Gibson pretended that Rosa A Clemente was totally obscure limiting the description to " Hip Hop Activist". Gibson claimed he couldn't find anything about her then admitted he hadn't looked very hard. ( More like he didn't look at all)

FOX News and especially John Gibson have a long history of McKinney bashing and John Gibson would never give McKinney any credibility. However, this time Gibson couldn't make a case that McKinney presented a threat to Obama if he bashed her credibility like in the old days. Also, both Gibson and Hill are towing the line recently after crossing it too many times, even for FOX News.

Since Gibson forgot the simple Google search process, here's Rosa A. Clemente's bio and a clip of her speaking at The National Conference For Media Reform.